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Mail Delivery & Collection
Mail Services collects and distributes campus inter-department and US Post Office mail to faculty, staff and students. The campus mail system is solely utilized for Princeton University business. Nonaffiliated organizations and outside vendors are not permitted access to the mail system.

All mail is delivered to designated locations within departments, and is distributed and collected each day with mail couriers assigned to specific campus routes.

Delivery and collection times vary per location. To ascertain delivery and collection times for your department, please contact Dave Balitz, Manager, Mail Operations, at or 609.258.4317.

US Post Office Mail:
US Post Office mail may be delivered to University departments by University Mail Services or the US Post Office. For mail picked up at the Princeton Post Office that is not readily associated with a specific building or department, Mail Services will attempt to identify the intended department and make the delivery.

Inter-department Campus Mail:
To facilitate the delivery of campus mail, the department name should be prominently displayed.

Brown envelopes are available for the movement of campus mail. To reduce costs, campus mail envelopes are designed to be reused and departments should mark out all previous delivery addresses and department names.

Outgoing Mail
On campus:
Inter-department manila envelopes are provided for the movement of on-campus mail. To reduce costs,  campus mail envelopes are designed to be reused. Please be sure to mark out all previous delivery addresses.  Department names should be prominently displayed.

Stamped Mail:
First Class stamped mail will be collected and mailed via the USPS. (Personal mail is not to be included.)

Unstamped/Metered Mail:
Unstamped mail will be collected, metered and mailed via the USPS same business day. For metered mail, please band mail with a Meter Request Form. Departmental accounts will be charged on a monthly basis for the postage associated with outgoing mail. Please note: Mail Services does not assess surcharges for metering outgoing US Mail.

Large Volume Mail:
Please call 609.258.4317 to make special pickup arrangements for large volume mailings.

For general information regarding mailing through the USPS please visit the following: A Customer's Guide to Mailing.

Metered Mail
Mail Services will conveniently meter and send outgoing US mail for departments. To utilize the department of Mail Services to meter outgoing departmental US mail, please download and complete the Metering Request Form and include with the outgoing mail.

Mail Services will pick up the outgoing mail during the department's normal mail delivery, or special arrangements can be made by calling Mail Services at 609.258.4317. Mail Services no longer imposes a surcharge per piece for outgoing US Mail.

Campus Mailings
To send mailings to the following groups, approval from the appropriate office is required. It is suggested that you obtain authorization prior to sending your request to Print & Mail Services. Please fax or deliver a sample of the intended mailing to the appropriate office for authorization. Print Services can assist you in providing proof copies for their approval.

Faculty Only:
Contact Sandra Gillette in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, or fax 609.258.2168.

Faculty and Staff combined, or Staff Only:
Contact Mary Aaen in the Office of the Executive Vice President, or fax 609.258.7274.

Undergraduate Students or Parents and Graduate Students:
Contact Laurie Smethurst in the Registrar's Office, or fax 609.258.6328.


Send an e-mail to The Development Office will send out release forms and instructions.

Direct Mail
Direct Mail includes postcards, letters, newsletters, information packets, self-mailers and any mail piece that is sent directly to individuals or an organization with information such as an event, campus news, student information and more.

Departments with promotional and/or informational mailings such as student welcome letters, upcoming season programs, newsletters, etc., may utilize Mail Services for full service mail processing including list processing, inkjet addressing, inserting, and fulfillment.

Additionally, Mail Services can review your mail piece design prior to printing to ensure it complies with USPS postal regulations and/or non-profit restrictions and help you incorporate mail piece designs that minimize waste and maximize efficiencies in a number of areas, such as paper utilization, printing & bindery, mail processing, postage and delivery.

To find out how to get started, contact our customer service team.

Mailing Lists/List Processing
Mailing lists for promotional or informational mailings can be obtained from various resources, such as a department's independently maintained database, University databases and/or purchased mailing lists from list providers. Whether your list comes from University databases, an in-house database or an outside list source, Mail Services is equipped to combine and review your lists to create one consolidated database for your mailing.

We have specific software to eliminate addressee duplication, and a hands-on approach to reviewing each list individually. We run lists through a 48-month USPS National Change of Address program to ensure the most current addresses are being supplied. At the end of the review process, in many cases, we can return to you the updated list for future use. Our CASS certified software will standardize addresses, case convert and ZIP+4 Delivery Point Validation (DPV) code your list for maximum USPS postage discounts.

Postal Presort (Bulk Mail)
Mail Services can provide first class and standard nonprofit “bulk” mail presort services. The mailing must contain a minimum of 200 or more identical weight mail pieces for First Class single piece or non-profit mailings, and a minimum of 500 for First Class Presort mailings, not including international or campus addresses.

Contact us to determine if the mail piece qualifies for a postal discount. Please note:  Any mail piece printed with our permit number must process through Print & Mail Services.

Mail Personalization (Variable Data)
Print & Mail Services offers the capabilities to print your mail piece with personalized information called “variable data”. Variable data includes a wide range of applications such as names and addresses, codes, personalized messages and imagery.

Inkjet Addressing & Machine Inserting
We provide the capabilities to inkjet addresses onto envelopes, self-mailers, catalogs or publications. Depending on the size and needs of an individual mailing, we can also machine insert items into envelopes up to 9x12 in size.

Wafer Seal & Tabs
Mail Services will review your mail piece to determine if a self-mailer (mail not placed in an envelope) requires wafer seals/tabs. Depending on the size and type of fold of your mail piece anywhere from one to three seals may be required in order to successfully move through the US and international mail processing equipment.

Manual Handling: Inserting, Folding, Special Handling
We offer the ability to efficiently and cost-effectively provide manual handling of your mailing. Some mailings require hand insertion of multiple components into envelopes. Some require hand folding of unique pieces or special folds. Regardless of the manual handling of your mailing, we have a trained staff to quickly and economically fulfill your mailings needs.

Estimates & Price Quotes
Along with analyzing your mail piece design, we will review your overall mailing needs and provide a detailed quote for fulfillment and mail services, including postage estimation, list processing, de-duping, addressing, inserting, folding and special handling.

Private Carriers
Private carriers such as FedEx and UPS deliver directly to departments. Most departments have a defined location where private carriers make the delivery.

Proper Addressing
Include the following on campus mail: Name, Department, Building, Room #, Suite # (if applicable).


John Doe
Suite 441, Room 20
701 Carnegie Center

To facilitate delivery of campus mail, department names should be prominently displayed.

Lost Or Stolen Mail
You can notify the U.S. Postal Service and the USPS Office of the Inspector General regarding lost or stolen mail by calling 1-888-USPS-OIG or 1-800-ASK-USPS. You can also fill out a complaint online at or

Customer Service
The delivery of mail for administrative and academic department is a priority, and we encourage you to send us any comments, suggestions, or feedback by completing the online customer service form. Hard copies of the forms are available at the Frist Campus Center, Room 118, and at the New South Building, B Level.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Bill Hallahan
Assistant Director, Print & Mail Services

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