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Student Mail Sustainability Statement
Print and Mail Services is dedicated to supporting the Princeton University Sustainability Plan. We provide clients with sustainable options, including wide format eco-solvent inks.

Mail Services recycles discarded mail and encourages students, faculty and staff to use sustainable materials on all their direct mail pieces. To maximize efficiency and minimize waste, we also provide extensive list processing services, including but not limited to 48-month NCOA (National Change of Address) processing, CASS certification, duplicate elimination, and postage optimization.

Our list processing services are designed to eliminate UAA (undeliverable as addressed) mail and addressee duplication prior to mailing, while providing our customers with the lowest possible postage rates. The net result for mailers within the University community is: better service, cheaper postage and faster delivery.

We also reuse materials for packing and shipping, and we are dedicated to utilizing socially responsible external vendors only.


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