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Student Mail USPS Office Addressing
The US Postal Service recommends that all its customers use the following addressing standards to improve delivery:

• Use uppercase characters throughout the address.
• Ensure address characters do not touch or overlap.
• Black ink on a white background is recommended.
• Make sure print is clear and sharp. Recommended font sizes are from 8pt to
• Use standard two letter state abbreviations.
• Use the appropriate ZIP+4 code. If unknown, use the proper 5-digit
ZIP code. When using window envelopes, make sure the complete address
is always visible, even when the insert moves.
• Place the city, state and ZIP code or ZIP+4 code on the last line.
• Include floor, suite and apartment numbers whenever possible.
• Bundle metered mail separate from stamped mail.
• Do not use punctuation marks (periods, commas).
• Do not print anything below the ZIP code line.
• All student mail should be addressed using the appropriate Frist Campus
Center Mailbox Number ZIP+4 code (PDF) for all undergraduate students.
• Mail addressed to faculty and staff must have the departmental name and
• For general information regarding mailing through the USPS please visit the
following: A Customer's Guide to Mailing.

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