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Student Mail Addressing
Undergraduate students should use the following addressing format to receive all USPS first class mail, standard mail and packages/parcels. Every assigned mailbox number at Frist has a ZIP+4 Code. To find your ZIP+4 Code, please click here (PDF).

Addressing Format:
Student’s Name
Mailbox# Frist Center
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ ZIP
Jane Doe
xxxx Frist Center
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

xxxx = Student mailbox number

The above addressing format is intended to be compatible with the USPS automation machine capabilities and if the proper addressing format is used for first class mail, it will not be manually handled until it reaches the University.

Regular Hours:
701 Forrestal Road
Mon–Fri 10am–6pm

Frist Campus Center
Package Room
Room 118
Mon–Fri 10am–9pm
Saturday 10am-2pm


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