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Questions? Please contact us at 609.258.1352

Student Mail Services/General Information
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Students with Disabilities
Incoming US Mail: Certified, Registered, Priority, Express, Parcel Post
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Undergraduate Students
Mail Services provides mailbox and package pickup services for all undergraduate students. We deliver all US Postal Service mail addressed to undergraduate students at their Frist mailbox and hold packages for pickup. We also deliver all campus mail addressed to students in their academic departments. 

All undergraduate student mailboxes are located on the 100 Level of the Frist Campus Center. The package office is located in Frist Campus Center Room 118.

More information on student mailboxes at Frist.

Graduate Students
Please note, Mail Services does not provide delivery to graduate students residing in the Graduate College. The US Post Office delivers Graduate College mail directly to the Graduate College. Distribution to individual students is consistent with policies/procedures developed by the Graduate College’s administration.

 Students with Disabilities
If a student requires special accommodations, please contact Ed Liese, Coordinator, Mail Operations Frist Campus Center,, for information and accommodations.

Incoming US Mail: Certified, Registered, Priority, Express, Parcel Post
Students receiving certified, registered, priority, express mail and parcel post mail will receive an email notification and be required to sign for their item at the Package Pickup window at Frist. (Student ID required. Please note—Packages can only be picked up by the addressee.)

Outgoing Mail:
Students may drop off outgoing stamped mail at the following locations: Frist Campus Center, Residential College offices, B Floor New South, Graduate College, and additional locations identified by academic departments.

Change of Address & Mail Forwarding
When students change addresses during and at the end of the academic year, please complete the following form:

Frist Campus Mail Services Change of Address Form

At the end of the academic year, unless a change of address form is submitted, all eligible mail will be redirected to your listed permanent home address.

PLEASE NOTE: Federal law only requires the forwarding of first class mail. Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.) and bulk-rate ad mail will not be forwarded, as the US Postal Service will not carry this mail to a secondary location. During the academic year, Mail Services will forward mail of all types internally in an effort to complete delivery of all mail.

Customer Service
The delivery of student mail is the department’s first priority, and we encourage you to send us any comments, suggestions, or feedback by completing the online customer service form. Hard copies of the forms are available at the Frist Campus Center, Room 118, and at the New South Building, B Level.

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Liese, Coordinator, Mail Operations Frist Campus Center at or 609.258.1352.

Please note the following tips:

1. Check your mailbox regularly.
2. Keep your mailbox locked at all times.
3. Discard all unwanted mail and flyers into the recycle bins.
4. Do NOT send cash through the U.S. Mail or campus mail. Use checks or
money orders.
5. Have all gift cards sent with tracking (certified mail, delivery confirmation,
etc.)—whether the student is sending or receiving the gift card.

FedEx & UPS deliver directly to campus and their Priority overnight services arrive to campus by 10:30AM.

FOR STUDENT PACKAGES: Packages are delivered directly to our campus center for processing.  All packages sent via UPS or FedEx overnight service are received and processed same day and will be available for pick up.  We recommend that if you require overnight service to use one of these services. 

Lost Or Stolen Mail
You can notify the U.S. Postal Service and the USPS Office of the Inspector General regarding lost or stolen mail by calling 1-888-USPS-OIG or 1-800-ASK-USPS. You can also fill out a complaint online at or


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