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The following lunch time seminar series are held during the academic year in the auditorium at Bowen Hall. Faculty, students, staff and public are invited to attend and participate. Food and light refreshments are served prior to the start of each seminar in the atrium area.

PRISM/PCCM Seminar Series

Consistent with the mission of PRISM, the seminar series invites speakers from academic institutions, industry and government laboratories to address exciting new interdisciplinary areas of research and development. The series also strives to enhance the educational experience of students attending the lecture. For past and current listings, please click here.

PRISM/MITRE Quantum Engineering & Sensing (QES) Seminar Series

This seminar series emphasizes the engineering of quantum systems and ways in which quantum entanglement and concepts from quantum information science and engineering can be used for higher sensitivity and resolution sensing. The seminar series is co-sponsored by PRISM and the MITRE Corporation. Organizers include Gerry Gilbert (MITRE), Andrew Houck, Steve Lyon, and Yaakov Weinstein (MITRE). For past and current listings, please click here.

For general inquiries on the seminars, please email