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Newport Award in Photonics

The Newport Award in Photonics is awarded annually to a graduate student for excellence in the field of photonics, optics, and optoelectronic materials. The award is supported by the Newport Corporation.

Year Student Advisor
2015 Mei Chai Zheng (co-winner) C. Gmachl
2015 Ben Wu (co-winner) P. Prucnal
2014 John Chang (co-winner) P. Prucnal
2014 Arvind Ravikumar (co-winner) C. Gmachl
2013 Yin Wang G. Wysocki
2012 He Wang L. Loo
2011 Peter Qiang Liu (co-winner) C. Gmachl
2011 Chris Barsi (co-winner) J. Fleischer
2010 Dmitry Dylov J. Fleischer
2009 Euan McLeod C. Arnold
2008 Anthony Hoffman C. Gmachl 
2007 Scott Howard  C. Gmachl
2006 Darren Rand P. Prucnal
2005 Russell Holmes S. Forrest
2004 Max Shtein S. Forrest
2003 Lotien Huang J. Sturm/R. Austin
2002 Bing Wang P. Prucnal
2001 Pavel Studenkov S. Forrest
2000 Marc Baldo S. Forrest
1999 Carlo Callegari G. Scoles
1998 Vladimir Bulovic S. Forrest
1997 Ming-Feng Shih M. Segev
1996 Zilan Shen S. Forrest
1995 Lee Ligeng Xu S. Forrest

Prof. Sturm presents co-winner Ben Wu with the Newport Award

Newport Award co-winner Mei Chai Zheng with Prof. Sturm

Newport Award co-winner John Chang (center) with his advisor Prof. Prucnal (left) and Prof. Sturm (right)

Newport Award co-winner Arvind Ravikumar (left) and Prof. Sturm (right)