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Graduate Courses

PRISM faculty teach a number of interdisciplinary courses in the field of "Materials Science & Engineering" (MSE). These courses include the following:

MSE 501 Introduction to Materials (MAE 561/CEE 561)
MSE 504 Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulation in Statistical Physics & Materials Science (CHM 560/PHY 512/CBE 520)
MSE 505 Characterization of Materials
MSE 510 Electronic Materials (ELE 541)
MSE 513 Introduction to Nanotechnology (CHM 511/MAE 516)
MSE 514 Introduction to Statistical Mechanics (CHM 511/MAE 516)
MSE 515 Random Heterogeneous Materials (APC 515)
MSE 526 Surface Science: Processes and Probes (CBE 526/CHM 527)
MSE 541 Physics and Chemistry of Minerals and Materials (GEO 501)
MSE 553 Nonlinear Optics (ELE 553)

Chemical and Biological Engineering
CBE 503 Advanced Thermodynamics
CBE 520 Molecular Simulation Methods
CBE 531 Synthesis and Processing of Ceramic Matrix Composites
CBE 533 Introduction to the Mechanics and Dynamics of Soft Living Matter
CBE 543 Structure and Properties of Complex Fluids
CBE 550 Physics of Polymeric Glasses

Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEE 513 Introduction to Finite-Element Methods

Electrical Engineering
ELE 545 Electronic Devices
ELE 547B Selected Topics in Solid-State Electronics - Subwavelength Nanophotonics and Plasmonics
ELE 548 Selected Topics in Solid-State Electronics - Physics & Technology of Low-Dimensional Semiconductors
ELE 555 Selected Topics in Optics and Optical Electronics
ELE 556 Modern Quantum Devices: Physics and Applications
ELE 561 Fundamentals of Nanophotonics

GEO 507 Topics in Mineralogy and Mineral Physics - Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials at High Pressure
GEO 543 Rock Fracture

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE 521 Optics and Lasers
MAE 534 Energy Storage Systems

PHY 505 Quantum Mechanics
PHY 506 Advanced Quantum Mechanics
PHY 511 Statistical Mechanics
PHY 525 Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics
PHY 536 Advanced Condensed Matter Physics II

The following courses will be accepted with approval of both the home department and the PRISM program director:

CHM 407 Inorganic Chemistry: Structure and Bonding
CHM 408 Inorganic Chemistry II
CHM 409 Structural Solid State Chemistry
GEO 419 Physics and Chemistry of Earth's Interior
MSE 452 Phase Transformations and Evolving Microstructures in Hard and Soft Matter Systems