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Student Chapter of Materials Reseach Society (MRS)

The Materials Research Society (MRS) is an international group with more than 13,000 members, over 25% of which are students. The Princeton Chapter of the Materials Research Society was founded in 2007. For more information about MRS, please visit their website.

PMRS at an ice cream event during study break.

Officers for 2017
Position Name
Co-President Omkar Shende
Co-President Heidi Miller
Vice President                    Danielle Coates  
Treasurer Jason Mulderrig
Secretary Anushka Dasgupta

Officers for 2016
Position Name
President Cecilia Stoner
Co-Vice President Isabella Grabski
Co-Vice President Heidi Miller
Secretary/Treasurer     Omkar Shende
Publicity/Design Sarah Wang

Officers for 2014-2015
Position Name
President Michael Wang
Co-Vice President Bristee Das
Co-Vice President/Secretary Melina Acevedo    
Treasurer Lawrence Yu

Officers for 2013-2014
Position Name
Co-President Nigel Brauser
Co-President Tamara Pico
Vice President David Harris 
Secretary/Treasurer Trevor Bailey

Officers for 2012-2013
Position Name
President Ha-Kyung Kwon
Vice President Katie Yang
Vice President Outreach Tamara Pico
Secretary Karen Wang
Treasurer Nigel Brauser

Officers for 2011-2012
Position Name
Co-President Anu Khan
Co-President Atray Dixit
Vice President                Audrey Zak
Secretary/Treasurer Lindsey Brown

Officers for 2010-2011
Position Name
Co-President Katherine Song    
Co-President Rachel Yu
Vice President for In-Reach Lindsey Brown
Vice President for Out-Reach Atray Dixit
Secretary Nadia Tsao
Treasurer Kevin Chou

Officers for 2009-2010
Position Name
President Katie Friedman
Vice-President Rachel Yu
Secretary Katherine Song
Treasurer Nadia Tsao
Events Coordinator              Andrew Tsavaris
Webmaster Christine Lai

Officers for 2008-2009
Position Name
Co-President Sharon Goswami
Co-President Jason Kawasaki
Secretary Ambrose Carr
Treasurer Ashwin Atre
Events/Outreach Coordinator Katie Friedman    
Webmaster Anita Ma

Officers for 2007-2008
Position Name
President Kelly Wagner
Vice Minister Daniel Cohen
Secretary Haoqian Chen
Treasurer Jason Kawasaki
Events Coordinator              Sharon Goswami