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Admission to the MSE certificate program normally occurs during the sophomore year but enrollments remains open into senior year. In general, students are expected to have satisfactorily completed a first year program that would permit them to enter one of the participating departments.

How to sign up for the program

1) Obtain the application from the Academic Program Coordinator.  

2) Set up a meeting with the Associate Academic Director, Prof. Craig Arnold, to go over your application and discuss your interest in materials science. To set-up the meeting, please email Sandra Lam. Bring your application to the meeting.  

3) Please drop off your signed form to Sandra Lam at 321 Bowen Hall. You will receive an email confirmation once you are officially enrolled in the program.
Please contact Sandra Lam for all MSE Program inquiries.


Associate Academic Director
D-410 E-Quad / 422 Bowen Hall
Tel: 609.258.0250


Academic Program Coordinator
321 Bowen Hall
Tel: 609.258.6704