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QES Seminar 2/7/2011: Putting Naturally Occurring Correlations to Work for Quantum Information Processing - Gavin Brennen (Macquarie University)

The physics of strongly correlated systems such as quantum spin lattices has provided tremendous insight into the way matter can be organized. This is understood through the identification of phases of matter using scaling laws as well as emergent properties such as string order that arise in low energy collective states. In the past decade there has been a new research direction to use such states of matter as error resilient hardware for quantum information processing.  I will describe some recent work involving using edge modes of gapped spin lattices in 1D and 2D for measurement based quantum computing and how renormalization can be used as a physical mechanism to improve the process. I will also describe how to quantum compute adiabatically using two-body holonomic gates in the Haldane phase of spin-1 chains.

Location: Bowen Hall Atrium

Date/Time: 02/07/11 at 12:30 pm - 02/07/11 at 1:30 pm

Category: PRISM/MITRE (QES) Seminar Series

Department: PRISM