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QES Seminar 2/28/2011 - Random Quantum States, Marko Znidaric (University of Ljubljana)

In the seminar I will talk about random quantum states. These are states drawn according to unitarily invariant measure and are frequently used to describe statistical properties of complex systems. In quantum information they can, at least in principle, be used as a source of entanglement or as an efficient way of performing averaging. I will discuss entanglement of random states and argue that, even though they have almost maximal entanglement, they are effectively classical because their entanglement is difficult to use. On the other hand, there exist so-called quantum circuits which can be used to generate random quantum states and therefore also evaluate averages over unitary group. By exactly mapping a Markovian chain describing a random quantum circuit to an integrable spin chain one is able to exactly calculate the running time of such circuits.

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Location: Bowen Hall Atrium

Date/Time: 02/28/11 at 12:30 pm - 02/28/11 at 1:30 pm

Category: PRISM/MITRE (QES) Seminar Series

Department: PRISM