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Seminar 5/4/2011 - Prof. Nikolas Provatas, McMaster University: Modeling Kinetics of Phase Transformation From Continuum to Atomic Scales

Professor Nikolas Provatas
Materials Science and Engineering
McMaster University

We begin with a review of recent computational and mathematical approaches for quantitative modeling of non-equilibrium phase transformation using phase field methods. Their success in predicting steady state and transient microstructure formation in solidification is demonstrated. This is followed by an introduction to the recent “phase field crystalâ€? (PFC) methodology, which combines features of both molecular dynamics and traditional phase field modeling. We present results of new PFC research in elasto-plasticity, poly-crystalline interactions and multi-phase microstructure evolution in metals. We end with a review of recent attempts to semi-analytically motivate and derive traditional phase field models from microscopic properties using classical density functional theory.

Nikolas Provatas is a Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and a member of the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research at McMaster University. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from McGill University. He does research on microstructure evolution in solidification and solid-state transformations. He has worked on the development of theoretical and high performance computing techniques for microstructure modelling. He has worked at several academic and industrial institutions including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Helsinki and the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada. His research includes collaboration with industry to develop new microstructure-property relationships in materials manufacturing.

Location: Bowen Hall Atrium

Date/Time: 05/04/11 at 12:00 pm - 05/04/11 at 1:00 pm

Category: PRISM/PCCM Seminar Series

Department: PRISM