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Mei Chai Zheng with Prof. Sturm


Prof. Sturm with Ben Wu




Mei Chai Zheng and Ben Wu, both of electrical engineering, are co-recipients of the 2015 Newport Graduate Award for Photonics.
Mei’s research, under the direction of Prof. Claire Gmachl of electrical engineering, is on low-optical power Quantum Cascade lasers. Mei recognized
George Liu and Milos Nikolic, both seniors from the Physics department, are co-winners of the 2015 Newport Undergraduate Award for Photonics.
George Liu has been conducting research under the direction of Prof. Bob Austin during his junior year on how to use clever nanofluidics to separate exosomes from biological fluids during his 2nd junior paper in 2014 and on the actual construction and development of these nanoarrays during his senior year. George designed a complex nanofluidic system whic





On April 18, Materials Science Day brought in hundreds of people to campus on a beautiful sunny day. Dozens of scientists and engineers from PCCM, PRISM, PUMRS, PPPL, Chemistry and others communicated science to the public. Among those from PRISM/PCCM participating were Register group, Kahn group, Shayegan group, Panagiotopoulos group, Priestley group,


On March 21, PCCM held their 2nd annual 'Stars of Materials Science' lecture for two sold out crowds of children and their parents. This year, the “star” was Prof. Bob Cava, who demonstrated the chemistry of Materials Science, including his “Legal Seafood” theory of materials science and it’s importance in the world. The 1st “stars of materials science” in 2014 feature Rick Register and hi resear