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PRISM names Anna Wuttig and Yin Wang winners of the 2013 Newport Award for Photonics

  Anna Wuttig, a senior from the Chemistry department, is the recipient of the 2013 Newport Undergraduate Award for Photonics. Anna carried out a joint project with Profs. Bob Cava and Andy Bocarsly of Chemistry. Her thesis entitled “Tuning the Photoresponse of CuFeO2 with Mg Doping” involved the synthesis, theoretical band structure calculation and electronic characterization of several p-type metal oxide semiconductors having delafossite structures. These materials were then evaluated and studied as photocathodes in photoelectrochemical cells for the reduction of water to hydrogen. Prof. Bocarsly states “Anna not only developed a reproducible synthesis of these materials, she carried out extensive measurements of the optical and charge transfer properties of these materials as a function of sample dopant concentration, along with detailed theoretical band structure analysis to correlate the properties that she observed in the laboratory with the electronic structure of the materials. Anna is certainly the very best.” After graduation, Anna will be pursuing a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at MIT.
  Yin Wang, a fifth year graduate student in electrical engineering, is the winner of the 2013 Newport Graduate Award for Photonics. Yin’s research, under the direction of Prof. Gerard Wysocki of electrical engineering, is in the general area of laser spectroscopy and laser physics with a focus on the development of new instrumentation for Faraday rotation spectroscopy (FRS). His work has revolutionized this field by providing a record sensitivities that approach fundamental quantum limits, while at the same time his spectrometers prove extremely robust and could be used by non-experts in the clinical environment. His advisor, Prof. Wysocki states “His work on development of novel spectroscopic instrumentation is of the highest originality and superior quality.”