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PRISM names Callie Woods winner of the 2014 Newport Undergraduate Award in Photonics

Vince Poor presenting Callie Woods '14 with the Newport Award in
Photonics at the SEAS Class Day Ceremony (photo credit: Frank Wojciechowski)

Callie Woods, a senior from the Electrical Engineering department, is the recipient of the 2014 Newport Undergraduate Award in Photonics. Callie has been conducting senior thesis research during this academic year in the lab of Prof. Claire Gmachl, resulting in a thesis entitled “Advances in an In Vivo Noninvasive Glucose Sensing System: Using an Integrating Sphere, TE Cooled MCT Detector and Filtered Derivative Spectroscopy.”  The resulting increased photon collection efficiency and signal to noise, coupled with the cryogen-free detector, enables the further development of a stand-alone, consumer-electronic, home-use type glucose meter for diabetics. Prof. Gmachl writes, "In the spirit of the Newport Awards – Callie has implemented optics and photonics in a crucial way to further engineering in the service of humanity.”  After graduation, Callie will be pursuing her PhD at Duke University.