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Quantum physics: The spins on the bus go round and round (pp 380-383)


The coupling between a spin qubit and a so-called ‘quantum bus’ is reported in a paper in this week’s Nature, opening up the possibility of transferring quantum information between distant spin qubits. The approach, which makes use of a superconducting microwave circuit (the quantum bus), is an important step towards realizing scalable quantum computing networks.

Electron spins trapped in quantum dots have been proposed as the basic building blocks of a future quantum processor. The weak magnetic moment of the electron makes it difficult to couple spin qubits that are separated by a large distance. Previous work has indicated that superconducting microwave circuits can allow spatially separated qubits to interact. Jason Petta and colleagues demonstrate the feasibility of this approach by using semiconductor nanowires to enhance the coupling of single-spin qubits to superconducting microwave circuits. This work may pave the way for long-range transfer of quantum spin information.

Breakthrough offers new route to large-scale quantum computing