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Archive – October 2009

Princeton University physical scientists will partner with researchers at four other institutions to explore the driving forces behind the evolution of cancer under a five-year, $15.2 million award from the National Cancer Institute. The Princeton Physical Sciences-Oncology Center was launched Oct. 26 as one of 12 centers in the institute's new network of Physical Sciences-Oncology Centers. Collaborating with Princeton will be: the University of California-San Francisco; the Johns Hopkins Hos
Yueh-Lin (Lynn) Loo, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, has been named as the recipient of the 2010 John H. Dillon Medal of the American Physical Society (APS). Established in 1982 and currently sponsored by Elsevier, the Dillon Medal recognizes outstanding research accomplishments by young polymer physicists who have demonstrated exceptional research promise early in their careers. Loo is cited “for insightful experiments connecting structure with performance in con
In the air, it is a serious pollutant. In the body, it plays a role in heart rate, blood flow, nerve signals and immune function. Nitric oxide, a gas well known to scientists for its myriad functions, has proven challenging to measure accurately outside the laboratory. A team of Princeton and Rice University researchers has demonstrated a new method of identifying the gas using lasers and sensors that are inexpensive, compact and highly sensitive. Such a portable device, suitable for large-sc