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Archive – March 2010

A new technique developed by Princeton University engineers for producing electricity-conducting plastics could dramatically lower the cost of manufacturing solar panels. By overcoming technical hurdles to producing plastics that are translucent, malleable and able to conduct electricity, the researchers have opened the door to broader use of the materials in a wide range of electrical devices. With mounting concerns about global warming and energy demand, plastics could represent a
The PRISM Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory (MNFL) has a new website:  Among the new features, the website of the 100 plus member cleanroom facility now has 3 announcements sections to keep users up to date on equipment and procedures.  It also contains details on how to become a member.
Princeton engineers have made a breakthrough in an 80-year-old quandary in quantum physics, paving the way for the development of new materials that could make electronic devices smaller and cars more energy efficient.