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Archive – April 2010

Two PRISM faculty members, Chung (Ed) Law and David Huse, have been named 2010 fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.  They are among the 229 leaders in the sciences, the humanities and the arts, business, public affairs and the nonprofit sector elected this year in recognition of contributions to their respective fields. Chung Law is the Robert H. Goddard Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, with a primary research focus on the fundam
A new technique for revealing images of hidden objects may one day allow pilots to peer through fog and doctors to see more precisely into the human body without surgery. Developed by Princeton engineers, the method relies on the surprising ability to clarify an image using rays of light that would typically make the image unrecognizable, such as those scattered by clouds, human tissue or murky water. In their experiments, the researchers restored an obscured image into a clear patt