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Archive – June 2012

PRISM is pleased to introduce the FEI Award for Excellence in Materials Characterization offered for the first time this year. The recipient is Leo Shaw, a senior in Chemical and Biological Engineering.
Matthew Edwards, a senior in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is the winner of the 2012 Newport Undergraduate Award for Photonics.
He Wang, a fourth-year graduate student in Electrical Engineering, has been awarded the 2012 Newport Graduate Award for Photonics. Her dissertation research involves the interfacial engineering of polymer solar cells to optimize device performance.
On Monday, June 4th, twenty-four students graduated from the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Certificate Program. The 2012 MSE class included students from Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Chemistry. The future plans of the students range from graduate school at Stanford, Caltech and MIT to working as business analyst or investment banking at Citibank. Two students were recognized for their overall academic performance and leadership.