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Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Class Day 2012

On Monday, June 4th, twenty-four students graduated from the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Certificate Program. The 2012 MSE class included students from Chemical and Biological Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Chemistry. The future plans of the students range from graduate school at Stanford, Caltech and MIT to working as business analyst or investment banking at Citibank. Two students were recognized for their overall academic performance and leadership.


Adam Jaffe, of the Chemistry department, was awarded PRISM’s highest undergraduate honor, the ‘Outstanding Materials Student Award’. This award recognizes the combined excellence in academics, research, and dedication to materials science. Adam is not only exceptionally strong academically but he is dedicated to his research. He generates original, creative concepts and design experiments to test his ideas with little external direction. He is the co-author of two manuscripts for publication being submitted now and a primary author of a third manuscript he is currently writing. His senior thesis entitled “Anode Catalysts and the Electrooxidation Mechanism in Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells” deals with new solid-state electrocatalysts for an ethanol fuel cell and is strongly focused on inorganic solid-state materials and on mechanistic electrochemistry.

His advisor, Prof. Bocarsly writes ‘Adam may be the most unusual undergraduate student I have had in my lab over the past thirty-two years. He is always reading the literature and thinking about issues of data interpretation and conclusions. He behaves like a good advanced graduate student, not an undergraduate. Adam is a well deserving recipient of this award”.  Adam will be pursuing a PhD in chemistry at Stanford after graduation. 

Anupama Khan, also from the Chemistry department, is the recipient of the ‘Outstanding Leadership in Materials’ Award. Anu has been a leader of the Princeton Materials Research Society where she served as co-President. She has helped spearhead a number of successful activities, including study breaks, open houses and lunch discussions with faculty. In addition to her dedication, she excels academically. Prof. Bernasek, her adviser, states that her thesis entitled “Surface Characterization of Lithiumized Plasma-Facing Components for Fusion Reactors” is a model for developing an idea independently and then establishing and pursuing the collaborations and facilities needed to carry out a first rate research project. Anu will be pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at Caltech after graduation.