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He Wang receives the 2012 Newport Graduate Award for Photonics

He Wang, a fourth-year graduate student in Electrical Engineering, has been awarded the 2012 Newport Graduate Award for Photonics.  Her dissertation research involves the interfacial engineering of polymer solar cells to optimize device performance.   Polymer photovoltaics are devices in which functional materials are sequentially stacked and sandwiched between electrodes.  Wang developed a beautiful and simple method to systematically deconstruct cells in order to probe the properties of buried interfaces.   Through these efforts, she has been able to debunk many misconceptions about the effects of composition profile on charge transport as well as shed light on the energetics of buried interfaces.  Her work has been published in many leading journals and continues to receive much attention from the research community.   Her advisor, Prof. Lynn Loo from Chemical and Biological Engineering, says “He Wang is comfortable in both device physics and structural characterization [which] will uniquely position her to tackle some of the most challenging and interdisciplinary problems in the organic electronics community in the future.”


The award is sponsored by the Newport Corporation