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PRISM Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory Intalls a New SAMCO Etching System

The PRISM Micro/Nano Fabrication (MNF) Laboratory, the 100+ user cleanroom facility, has just installed a SAMCO International RIE-200iP inductively coupled plasma etching system.  It is designed to etch Indium Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) materials that are used in photonics and quantum device applications.

This tool adds new a capability to the facility; InP based quantum cascade lasers, the devices at the foundation of the PRISM MIRTHE program, may now be fabricated with better control and repeatability than before.

MNF researchers and SAMCO engineers have formed a collaboration to optimize the etch processes for improved quantum cascade laser performance, as well as for other InP and GaAs devices fabricated in the laboratory.

The MNF Laboratory has also just received a new SAMCO RIE-800iPB, which will be operational by the end of March.  This tool will be used to etch deep channels into Silicon or quartz wafers for microfluidic and similar devices.

Micro/Nano Fabrication Lab Etching Image
Graduate Students Fatima Toor and Richard Cendejas conduct an experiment using the new SAMCO etcher. This scanning electron microscope view shows a partially fabricated quantum cascade device. The material was selectively etched using a SAMCO RIE-200iP tool.