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Administrative Staff

Soonoo Aria

Soonoo Aria, PCCM/MRSEC Grants Manager
318 Bowen Hall, 609-258-2532

Contact me with regards to any financial matters related to the Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM).
Carolyn Arnesen

Carolyn Arnesen, PRISM Purchasing Coordinator
J303 E-Quad, 609-258-4454

Contact me regarding PRISM Purchasing, Copier Codes, E-Quad Keys & Access.

Eva Bohmanova, PRISM General Office Support
307 Bowen Hall, 609-258-0622

I provide administrative support across the various ongoing activities in PRISM.

Wendy Fang, Assistant Grants/Business Manager
J309 E-Quad, 609-258-2350

I am responsible for monthly billing for the IAC and MNFL Lab. My role is to support the Business Manager in the preparation of proposals, as well as other aspects of grants administration and financial matter. In addition, I provide purchasing back-up for PRISM.

Sheila Gunning

Sheila Gunning, Assistant to the Director
321 Bowen Hall , 609-258-1575

In addition to keeping the Director’s schedule, I coordinate the PRISM/PCCM Seminar Series, and also handle telephone issues. Please don't hesitate to contact me for assistance.

Sandra Lam

Sandra Lam, Academic Program & Communications Coordinator
321 Bowen Hall, 609-258-6704

Contact me if you have questions about the education at PRISM, are interested in joining the Materials Science & Engineering Certificate Program, or want to be involved with materials during your graduate work at Princeton. Contact me also for PRISM's website.

Joe Montemarano

Joe Montemarano, MIRTHE Executive Director
PRISM Director for Industrial Enterprise
324 Bowen Hall, 609-258-2267

Contact me if you would like to work with our NSF ERC, led by Princeton University, and hosted by PRISM.  My role is to help channel interests of industry at all stages, entrepreneurs and venture capital, as well as government labs, and Federal and State agencies, to collaborate with our faculty, students, and technologies.

Denise Ritzmann

Denise Ritzmann, MIRTHE Grants Manager
323 Bowen Hall , 609-258-2636

I manage all financial matters for the Center for Mid-InfraRed Technologies for Health and the Environment, including making center-related purchases. I also help coordinate center-related events and manage the MIRTHE website.

Sara Rodriguez Martinez, PCCM Education Outreach Coordinator
317 Bowen Hall , 609-258-8830

Contact me if you would like to know more about PCCM's Education Outreach upcoming events and activities, Research Experiences for Undergraduates, the Princeton University Materials Academy or the Princeton Summer School for Condensed Matter Physics. I also help manage the PCCM website and coordinate other center-related events.

Dan Steinberg

Dan Steinberg, PCCM & PRISM Director for Education Outreach
316 Bowen Hall, 609-258-5598

I create and develop several education programs designed to be a resource in science education for the region and local communities with a  commitment to increase diversity in the sciences and engineering and scientific literacy.

Bernadeta Wysocka, MIRTHE Industrial Liaison
216 Bowen Hall, 609-258-2043

I am responsible for interactions between the MIRTHE Engineering Research Center and current industrial partners as well as for identification and engagement of new companies and non-profit organizations as collaborators, sponsors and members of the MIRTHE ERC.


Nancy Young, PRISM Business/Grants Manager
J309 EQuad , 609-258-2553

As Business Manager for PRISM, I provide support to the Institute Manager, work closely with faculty to coordinate the submission of grant proposals and provide ongoing support to awarded contracts and grants. I serve as a liaison between academic departments and univ. sponsored research administrative to ensure departmental compliance with applicable sponsors and univ. regulations, policies & procedures.
Roxanne Zellin

Roxanne Zellin, MIRTHE Education Outreach Director
217 Bowen Hall, 609-258-7922

See me for MIRTHE Education & Outreach activities; summer REUs; HS Interns; academic professional conferences; MIRTHE summer workshop