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PRISM Administration

Craig Arnold, Director
320 Bowen Hall, 609-258-0250 

I'm a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  My research is focused on laser processing and transport in materials.  If you have questions about materials at Princeton, undergraduate and graduate, please feel free to contact me.

Tony Novembre

Anthony Novembre, Associate Director
322 Bowen Hall , 609-258-6855

My role encompasses leading all aspects of the Institute, including the development of new research initiatives, interaction with industry and government, research facility and program management, and other Institute activities.


Kim Hegelbach

Kim Hegelbach, Institute Manager
J303 E-Quad, 609-258-1832 

My responsibility is the general management of PRISM. For example, I handle human resource issues (including payroll, leave, and disability), financial matters, industrial membership, and the appointment of visiting research collaborators and research associates. I work with the directors and staff of MIRTHE, PCCM, PPS-OC and CEFRC.

Centers Administration

Nai Phuan Ong

Nai-Phuan Ong, Director
Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM)
302 Jadwin Hall, 609-258-4347

Claire Gmachl

Claire Gmachl, Director
Mid-InfraRed Technologies for Health and the Environment (MIRTHE)
B326 E-Quad, 609-258-7489

Bob Austin

Robert Austin, Director
Princeton Physical Sciences-Oncology Center (PPS-OC)
122 Jadwin Hall, 609-258-4353

Chung Law

Chung K. Law, Director
Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center (CEFRC)
D323C E-Quad, 609-258-5271

Paul Prucnal

Paul Prucnal, Director
Center for Networks, Science and Applications (CNSA)
B314 E-Quad, 609-258-5549

Research Administration

Pat Watson

Pat (George) Watson, Director
Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory (MNFL)
J301A E-Quad, 609-258-4626

Contact me about anything concerning the PRISM Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory.


Nan Yao, Director
Imaging & Analysis Center (IAC)
120 Bowen Hall , 609-258-6394

Please contact me for IAC related issues. Please also contact me for education and research in the area of materials characterization.

Saurabh Vyawahare, Director
Microfluidics Laboratory
308 Bowen Hall, 609-258-0848

I am responsible for the microfluidics laboratory (located at 105 Jadwin Hall). If you have questions regarding  microfluidics, or want to discuss any topic at the interface of physical sciences and biology, please feel welcome to contact me.