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M. Zahid Hasan

Professor of Physics
Ph.D. 2002, Stanford University

Prof. Hasan is interested in the fundamental physics of quantum condensed-matter systems. Scattering based spectroscopic methods are used in the investigations of novel quantum phases realized via topological ordering, strong-interaction or geometrical frustration and their combinations. Quantum Hall phases, correlated superconductors and frustrated magnets have profoundly changed our microscopic understanding of interacting quantum matter. My research is focused on the frontier aspects of these areas of fundamental physics such as the quantum Hall-like effect without external magnetic field, non-BCS superconductivity in correlated materials and fractionalized phases in higher dimensions as well as the development of novel instrumentation capability necessary to address these issues. High-energy probes (Synchrotron photons, electrons, neutrons) are used as spectroscopic tools. Experiments are performed at Brookhaven, Argonne, LBL/Berkeley, SLAC/Stanford as well as in Joseph Henry Labs at Princeton.