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Peter R. Jaffé

Peter Jaffe

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ph.D. 1981, Vanderbilt University

Prof. Jaffé's research relates to the physical, chemical, and biological processes that govern the transport and transformation of pollutants in the environment, and their application towards the remediation of contaminated systems. Areas of current emphasis include:

(1) biogeochemically mediated dynamics of trace metals in sediments, wetland soils, and groundwater;
(2) dynamics of biological iron reduction;
(3) biological reduction of uranium in groundwater, and the long-term stability of the reduced uranium phases under environmental conditions;
(4) nitrogen processing in urban settings coupled to urban hydrology; and
(5) development of fluoride removal techniques from drinking water in rural villages.

He has served on numerous committees and panels, including the National Research Council, EPA, DOE, and others.