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Nai Phuan Ong

N.P. Ong

Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics
Director, Princeton Center for Complex Materials (PCCM)
Ph.D. 1976, University of California, Berkeley

N. P. Ong is an experimentalist interested in researching the behavior of strongly-interacting electrons in superconductors, ferromagnets and antiferromagnets in novel materials, e.g. cobaltates, ruthenates, spinels and pyrochlores. Recent topics are the mechanism for high-temperature superconductivity, the vortex liquid in superconductors, spin entropy contributions to the thermopower of oxides, and the relation of the Berry phase to spin currents in ferromagnets. Other areas of interest are electrical conduction in lambda-phage DNA, assembly of nanomotors based on DNA, and techniques for optical detection of single protein molecules in vivo.