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Robert K. Prud'homme

Robert Prud'homme

Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Director, Program in Engineering Biology
Ph.D. 1978, University of Wisconsin

Our work focuses on how weak forces at the molecular level determine macroscopic properties at larger length scales. We spend equal time understanding the details of molecular-level interactions using NMR, neutron scattering, x-ray scattering, or electron microscopy and making measurements of bulk properties such as rheology, diffusion of proteins in gels, drop sizes of sprays, or pressure drop measurements in porous media. A major thrust of the group is on using self-assembly to construct nanoparticles for drug delivery and imaging. Our work is highly interdisciplinary; many of the projects involve joint advisors and collaborations with researchers at NIH, Argonne National Labs, CNRS in France, or major corporate research.