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George W. Scherer

George Scherer

William L. Knapp '47 Professor of Civil Engineering
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials
Ph.D. 1974, MIT

Our group studies the molecular mechanisms responsible for the deterioration of stone and cementitious materials, with application to conservation of sculpture and monuments, as well as the civil infrastructure. Problems of current interest include: 1) disjoining forces responsible for stress when crystals of salt grow in small pores; 2) superficial damage from ice layers on concrete; 3) properties of fluids in the nanometric pores of cement; 4) thermodynamics and kinetics of crystal growth in small pores; 5) stress from swelling of clay inclusions in stone. Previous research topics have included sintering of glasses, structural relaxation in glass, sol-gel processing, and characterization methods for porous materials.