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Kaushik Sengupta

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. 2012, California Institute of Technology

Silicon-based integrated circuits have gone through a generational change in the last ten years. The ability to integrate billions of transistors with increasing cut-off frequencies and complex signal processing in a single chip has opened up a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in the mm-Wave and THz frequency ranges previously unavailable to integrated technology. The capability to synthesize, control and manipulate such a large portion of the spectrum (DC-THz) and possibly even optical frequencies in a single versatile platform, has tremendous opportunities in creating cutting-edge technology for a wide range of novel applications from ultra-fast wireless communication to biosensing, imaging, spectroscopy, medical diagnostics and beyond. We believe future innovations in such diverse high-impact technology will not be achieved through innovations in one discipline, but through mutli-thronged approach and a close alliance of various allied scientific disciplines in a synergistic environment. In pursuit of this vision, we innovate on both techniques and architectures that can leverage the strengths of concepts and techniques across disciplines and blend them to create novel and high-performance integrated systems. Broadly my research interests are: