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Research & Technical Staff

Kirk Baldwin

Kirk Baldwin, Research Specialist
C432 E-Quad, 609-258-5070

I do MBE growth of GaAs structures with emphasis on making photolithographic devices and measuring the properties of the materials at cryogenic temperatures.  I am also part of a team responsible for the design and construction of the next generation ultra high mobility MBE machine.

Bert Harrop

Bert Harrop, Fabrication and Packaging Engineer
D405B E-Quad, 609-258-2386

Contact me if you have any questions regarding packaging (Dicing, Wire Bonding, Bump Bonding, etc.). I have worked for Princeton's Physics Dept. for 10 years prior to joining PRISM.


Sen Liu, Optical Lithography Engineer
079 Andlinger Center, 609-258-0468

I have 7 years of industrial experience in advanced optical lithography technology. I am responsible for covering the tools used for optical lithography in the MNFL laboratory. Please contact me if you have any questions on optical lithography concepts, materials, processes and tools.

Dan McNesby

Dan McNesby, Computer Support Technical Staff Member
121 Bowen Hall, 609-258-7052

Contact me if you need to register a PC or laptop for internet access or have old equipment for surplus, if you are having an issue with software or hardware on your current PC or are looking to purchase a new DELL PC or laptop.

Joe Palmer

Joe Palmer, PRISM Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory Operations Manager
153 Andlinger Center, 609-258-4706

I am responsible for the lab equipment and supplies for processing the Micro/Nano Fabrication Laboratory and the Packaging Lab in Bowen 407A.  I am also one of two contacts in the E-Quad for waste disposal issues.

Don Schoorman

Don Schoorman, Technical Staff Member
121 Bowen Hall, 609-258-0018

Please contact me for building related issues, room reservations (Auditorium, Atrium, Classroom and Conference Room), audio/visual support, and printing reservations. I am also the Safety Manager for Bowen Hall.

John Schreiber, Imaging & Analysis Specialist
032 Andlinger Center, 609-258-0034

I provide customer service and technical support for the PRISM Imaging and Analysis center, train new users and assist current users in the proper operation and technical aspects of equipment in the center.

Paul Shao, Imaging & Analysis Specialist
075 Andlinger Center, 609-258-3851

I am a soft materials (biological) and cryo-imaging specialist. I help provide customer service, training and technical support for imaging and sample preparation equipment at the PRISM Imaging and Analysis Center.

Conrad Silvestre

Conrad Silvestre, Chemical Hygiene Officer
155 Andlinger Center, 609-258-6236

I manage C402/404/406/408/422 labs, conduct maintenance and training on PRISM Clean Room Tystar, Thermco, RCA Wet Bench, and Gas Alarm System. I also assist in Clean Room management.

Deborah L. Sivco, Engineer-in-Residence
215 Bowen Hall, 609-258-1717

I am responsible for the Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) growth of GaInAs/AlInAs Quantum Cascade laser structures at Princeton University. This includes maintenance of the Molecular Beam Epitaxy lab in Bowen 203, as well as optimizing growth of many layered semiconductor heterostructures. Wafers from my lab are used by collaborators across MIRTHE and PRISM.

Ken West

Ken West, Research Specialist
C432 E-Quad, 609-258-4638

I have primary responsibility for MBE growth of GaAS structures for 2-DEG systems and optical devices using our ultra high mobility MBE machine. Responsibilities include: maintenance of the MBE equipment, high vacuum systems and design innovations aimed at improving the quality of the MBE structures.