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Project Managers Team

The Project Managers Team (PMT) provides leadership and guidance on the delivery of administrative products and services, and continues to support the application and data management principles established under Partnership 2000. The PMT acts as the “working group” in support of the efforts of the Enterprise Systems Planning Group (ESPG). The specific charge of the group is to:

  • Identify, assess, and prioritize mandatory maintenance (regulatory updates, software upgrades) and enhancements (to fill gaps in current functionality and/or deliver new functionality) to University systems;
  • Coordinate systems requirements across offices and departments;
  • Facilitate activities that foster the improved use of IT products and services at the University;
  • Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction in meeting the IT needs of the University community.
2015-2016 Meeting Schedule
Note:  All meetings are from 3PM - 4:30PM at 701 Carnegie Center, MPRs 
September 16, 2015
November 4, 2015
January 6, 2016
March 2, 2016
May 11, 2016
Members of the PMT are:

Betty Ashwood, Financial Aid, Student Employment
Jonathan Bickel, Undergraduate Admission
Marvin Bielawski, Library 
Maria Bizzarri, Office of the VP for Finance & TreasurerReceivables
Steve Blechman, Human Resources
Kathleen Bozowski, Transportation and Parking Services
Paula Brett, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Christopher Brock, Athletics
Justin Bronfeld, Graduate School
Ted Bross, OIT, Center for Data Analytics & Reporting
Heather Campbell, Office of Development
Colin Currie (chair), OIT, Administrative Information Services
Lisa Linn De Barona, Public Safety
Robert Faille, Jr., Office of Development
Brian Fitzwater, Athletics
Catherine Galloway, OIT, Project & Technology Consulting Office
Devaki Ginde, OIT, Enterprise Contect Management
David Goetz, Dining Services
Lynn Grant, Facilities, Housing and Real Estate Services
Ash Hadap, OIT, AIS Collaborative Solutions
Martin B. Harrison, Process Change & Systems Implementation, Research Resources
Dave Herrington, OIT, Web Application Services
Jonathan Horowitz, Alumni Council
Amy Hughes, Registrar’s Office
Emily Jeng, OIT, Custom Solutions & Integration
Andrew Kane, Housing and Real Estate Services
Tammy Knutson, Office of the VP for Finance and Treasurer
Richard Lander, Residential Colleges
Donna Lawrence, OIT, Package Adaptation and Customization
Andrew Leman, OIT, Project & Technology Consulting Office
Anahit Mailyan, Dean of the Faculty
Jill Moraca, OIT, Web Development Services
John Milnes, OIT, Operations and Planning
Scott Mironov, Office of the VP for Finance and Treasurer
Judy Oakley, University Health Services
Chris Oswald, Internal Audit and Compliance
Jerome Park, Internal Audit and Compliance
Joseph (JP) Plaksa, Housing
Janet Pumo, OIT, Project & Technology Consulting Office
Craig Richmond, University Financial Systems, Office of the VP for Finance & Treasurer
Irina Rivkin, OIT, ERP
David Ritchie, Office of Development
Michele Ruditis, Office of Development
Craig Spero, Office of the VP for Finance & Treasurer
Janet Strohl-Morgan, Art Museum
Donna Tatro, OIT, Enterprise Infrastructure Services
James T. Taylor, TigerCard Office
Tara Texiera, Human Resources
Joshua P. Thomas, University Services
Chizuko Walter, Research and Project Administration
Mark Washington, Facilities
Russell Wells, OIT, Person Office
Carol Williams, OIT, Project & Technology Consulting Office
Carol Zanca, Anthropology
Ex Officio members are:   
Mary Albert, OIT, Academic Services
Chuck Augustine, OIT, Distributed Research Computing Support
Deborah Becker, OIT, Data Management Services
Janice Guarnieri, OIT, Training and Development 
Charles Kruger, OIT, Servers and Storage
Steve Niedzwiecki, OIT, Security and Enterprise Infrastructure
Sal Rosario, OIT, Project &Technology Consulting Office
Leila Shahbender, OIT, Support Services