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Planning and Tracking


A Detailed Project Schedule is simply a list of the tasks and activities that need to get done in order to reach a milestone or produce a deliverable. Where the overall Project Initiation Plan is at a more macro level, detailed plans are at the micro level and function as the work plan for each team member. This point is critical: planning is an iterative process which will occur more than once throughout the project. The Detailed Project Schedule may require updates during the project as “things change.” These changes should be communicated to the project team, sponsor and OIT Leadership.

The Project Manager will track and control the Project on a regular basis, ensuring that planned tasks are carried out, stakeholders are correctly involved in the Project and communication channels are managed – especially keeping the extended team and leadership informed via the Status Report.  The Status Report is typically written on a monthly basis. Status review sessions with key stakeholders can be facilitated by the OIT Project Office.


A Detailed Project Schedule showing the activities and tasks to be done, people assigned, and due dates.
Project Status Report, communicated on a regular basis.

Functional Specs, Technical Specs, Test Plans and Campus Readiness Plans may also be deliverables in this phase.