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Training and Workshops

Project Management Workshops  

The following workshops will be offered periodically to the Princeton University community. Please see the OIT Training schedule,, for dates and availability. 

These workshops can also be scheduled for specific work groups, projects, and departments.



Campus Readiness

To help project managers learn how to effectively facilitate organizational change through the use of a campus readiness strategy, utilizing the appropriate outreach and communication methods and tools.

Detailed Project Schedule           

To expand upon the principles of creating a project plan.  Specific discussions and interactive exercises will include resource/task estimation, dependencies and milestones, and the art of determining the right level of detail to track in a project plan.

Initiating Complex Projects

To work through the process and Project Office templates for launching a complex project.

Managing Projects at Princeton

To prepare participants to manage projects using the Princeton Project Management Methodology.

Project Leadership

To provide strategies to improve Leadership Qualities, specifically focused on LEAD (Listen, Encourage, Act, Delegate).

Project Management Basics

To provide basic tools to the inexperienced person who may be asked to manage a project or effort, including a project management checklist.

Project Risk Management

To define risk concepts and share best practices in the identification, tracking and monitoring of risks during the course of a project.

Customized Project Management Workshop

Offered upon request.