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Fall 2016

Tranlsation Lunch Series
Mondays at 12 p.m., 216 ABH

September 19 
191: From a Double Margin: Translation of Women’s Writing from Central and Eastern Europe
Sibelan Forrester, Swarthmore College

September 26 
192:  Some Translation Challenges
Steven Rendall, Translator                                                                    

October 3 
193: Translating Viktor Shklovsky
Alexandra Berlina, Translator

October 10     
194: New Light on Darkness at Noon: What a Long Lost Manuscript Can Tell Us about the Problems of Translation
Michael Scammell, Columbia University

October 17
195: Postapocalyptic Pataphilology
Joshua Katz and Michael Gordin, Princeton University

October 24
196: Writing for Translation: Questions of Perspective in Ismail Kadare
Erica Weitzman, Northwestern University

October 31 Fall Break           

November 7                                       
197: The Ethics of Linguistic In-Betweenness
Yael Peled, McGill University

November 14
198: TBD
Jamey Gambrell, Translator

November 21             
199: TBD
Christina Lee, Princeton University

November 28             
200: Translating Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature
Uganda Kwan, Nanyang Technical University

December 5                
201: Translating an Afterlife: Stefan Sweig’s Intercultrual Capital
Bella Brodzki, Sarah Lawrence College

December 12  
202: Who Makes Mistakes?
David Bellos, Princeton University                                       

Spring 2016

Translation Lunch Series
Mondays at NOON in Aaron Burr Hall 216

Feb 1  *ABH 3rd Floor        
180: Celebrating Beyond Greek. The Beginnings of Latin Literature. Denis Feeney in Conversation with Andrew Ford
Denis Feeney (Princeton University)

Feb 8             
181: “Translating the Translator. On Borges the Translator and Borges Translated”
Alberto Manguel, (author and translator)

Feb 15                       
182: “Red T: Protecting Translators and Interpreters in High-Risk Settings”
Maya Hess (founder and CEO, Red T)       

Feb 22                       
183: “Translation, Imitation, Adaptation, or Mutilation? Robert Lowell’s Renderings of European Poets”
Michael Wachtel (Princeton University)

Feb 29                       

March 7         
184: “In Other Words. Jhumpa Lahiri in conversation with her translator Ann Goldstein”
Jhumpa Lahiri (author)

March 21       
185: Title TBD
Bradley Berman ‘16

March 28       
186: “Maksim Gorky’s World Literature Project
Maria Khomtimsky (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

April 4           
187: “The Life of a Professional Interpreter and Translator”
Joshua Goldsmith (University of Geneva)

April 11         
188: “Translation and the Visual Landscape of the Migrant Presence”
Moira Inghilleri (University of Massachusetts)

April 18         
189: “Translating Japanese with a Disorderly Brain” 
Jay Rubin (Harvard University)

April 25         
190: “Language Policy and the United Nations:  Diplomatic Baggage or Passport to Success?”
Lisa Atalianis (Birkbeck, University of London)

Fall 2015

Translation Lunch Series
Mondays at Noon in Aaron Burr Hall 216

September 21              
169: “The Art of Mistranslation”
Reif Larsen (author)

September 28              
170:  “How to Count Like Jean Valjean”
David Bellos (Princeton University)

October 5                    
171:  “Creating Copyright for Translators in the Nineteenth Century”
Michael Hoffheimer (University of Mississippi School of Law)

October 12                  
172:  “The Translatability of Gods in the Ancient World and the Question of Tolerance”
Jan Assman (University of Konstanz, Germany)

October 19                  
173:  “Translating Old Plays into Early Modern Hits: Flexible Texts and the Primacy of Audience in Li Yu’s Leisure Notes (Xianqing ouji, 1671)”
Sarah Kile (University of Michigan Society of Fellows)

October 26                  
174:  “Translating Dagestan”
Carol Apollonio (Duke University)

November 2                
Fall Break

November 9                
175:  “Emily Dickinson and the Translation of Scriptural Form”
Karen Emmerich (Princeton University)

November 16              

November 23              
176:  “George Eliot in 19th Century Russia: Views Defining Vision”
Olga Demidova (University of St. Petersburg, Russia)

November 30              
177:  “Lines of Flight: Marcel Bois Translates Waviny Laredj Translates Tahar Ouettar”
Jill Jarvis (Princeton University)

December 7                
178:  “Translating Greek Literature in Late Antiquity: The Case of Plutarch, Lucian, and Themistius in Syriac”
Alberto Rigolio (Princeton University Society of Fellows)

December 14              
179: “Negotiating Meaning at a War Crimes Tribunal and in Literary Translation”
Ellen Elias-Bursac (Translator)

Spring 2015

February 9                
Royall Tyler, Australian National University, Emeritus
“Murasaki Shikibu and Proust: On Translating The Tale of Genji”

February 16
Peter Filkins, Bard College at Simon’s Rock
“Apollo's Gaze: Toward a Theory of Translation Revision”

February 23  
Stefan Kamola, Princeton University
“The Romance of Genghis Khan: Alexander the Great in Mongol Historical Memory”

March 2
Lance Hewson, University of Geneva
“Facts, Frictions and Fictions in Translation Theory”

March 9
Erika Gilson, Princeton University, Retired
“The Quest for a Common Alphabet and Common Language for Turkic”

March 23       
Jackie Jay, Eastern Kentucky University
“From Grammar to Translation: Current Controversies in Ancient Egyptian Linguistics”

March 30       
Paul Harrison, Stanford University
Title TBD

April 6
Bryan Just, Princeton University
Title TBD

April 13         
Patrick Schwemmer, Ph.D. Candidate, Comparative Literature
And The Angel Spake unto Harunobu: Jesuit Insurrectionist Propaganda in Japanese, 1591
April 20         
Speaker TBD
Title TBD

April 27
Wendy Belcher, Princeton University
Title TBD


FALL 2014

The Translation Lunch Series will be held on Mondays at noon in 216 Aaron Burr Hall. Lunch will be provided.

September 15
“Prolegomena to a Graphic Translation of Sinuhe”
Thomas Hare, Princeton University

September 22
“The Translational Life of Cities: Language and the Urban Imagination from Montreal to Trieste”
Sherry Simon, Concordia University

September 29
“Tales of an Open World: The Fall of the Ming Dynasty as Chinese Rumor, Dutch Theater and Global News”
Pieter Keulemans, Princeton University

October 6
“Translating Kafka Into the Central European Novel”
Michelle Woods, State University of New York-New Paltz

October 13
“Yiddish Translation Matters”
Anita Norich, University of Michigan

October 20
“Playing by Ear”
Liesl Yamaguchi, Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate, Comparative
Literature, Princeton University

November 3                
“High-Stakes Writing in Translation: Rodolfo Walsh and Operation Massacre
Daniella Gatlin ’06 (Independent Translator)

November 10             
 “What does and does not get translated: the case of literature”
Denis Feeney (Princeton University)

November 17              
“Hannah Arendt’s Plurality of Languages”
Thomas Wild (Bard College)

November 24              
NO LECTURE – Thanksgiving week

December 1     
“The Road to Gloro: Max Talmey and the Einsteinian Language”
Michael Gordin (Princeton University)            

December 8             
“The Perils of (Mis)Translation in Israel/Palestine”
Lital Levy (Princeton University)    

The Translation Lunch Series will be held on Mondays at noon in 216 Aaron Burr Hall. Lunch will be provided.

February 3                        
No meeting

February 10                        
Dark Tongues
Daniel Heller-Roazen, Princeton University

February 17
"Imagined Languages" Imagined, and Realized
Joshua Katz, Princeton University
Michael Gordin, Princeton University

February 24                          
Working as an International Literary Scout
Koukla Maclehose
Koukla MacLehose Associates,London

March 3                               
Russia's Favorite Goblin: Dmitry Puchkov's Role in the Development of Russian Film Translation

Jake Hymes ’14, Princeton University

March 10   
Translating Ella Minnow Pea: A Constrained Journey to the Island of Nollop
Marie-Claude Plourde, Certified Translator

March 17   
No meeting - Spring Recess

March 24             
On Translation and the Communications Revolution of the19th Century: Reflections from Russian Muslim WritingNergis Erturk, Pennsylvania State University

March 31            
Are the Lives of Literary Translators worth Saving?
Breon Mitchell, University of Indiana, Bloomington

April 7
Crowd-sourced Translation: Menace or Magic?
Mengyi Xu’14, Princeton University

April 14                                                
Transposing and Translating in Ancient Egypt
John Baines, University of Oxford, emeritus; Princeton University Art and Archaelogy Fellow, spring 2014

April 21                                  
Translating Text Types Across Cultures: Titularies in Ancient China
Mercedes Valmisa, Princeton University

April 28  
AmazonCrossing: Stories Crossing Borders

Gabriella Page-Fort, Acquiring Editor, AmazonCrossing

September 16
Making Maigret New
David Bellos
Princeton University

September 23
Fuzzy Translation in the Middle Ages
Ardis Butterfield
Yale University

September 30
Reframing the Three Percent Problem:  International Literature in America Today…and Tomorrow
Chad Post
Open Letter Books

October 7
Yves Bonnefoy Translates Shakespeare
Efrain Kristal
University of California, Los Angeles

October 14
Speaking as Greeks:  Speaking over Greeks:  Romans and Translation

Siobhan McElduff
University of British Columbia

October 21
Original, Translation:  Markers of Authority
Brigitte Rath (Fung Global Fellow)
Universität Innsbruck

November 4
Translation and Baudelaire in China
Gloria Bien
Colgate University

November 11
Blurry Translation 1650-1800
Mary Helen McMurran
University of Western Ontario

November 18
Animal Instability:  Dante, Boccaccio, and the Question of Language
Simone Marchesi
Princeton University

December 2
Exophonic Writing in Japanese
Seiichi Makino
Princeton University, emeritus

December 9
On Translating Gaelic Poetry
Paul Muldoon
Princeton University

This series will continue in the next semester.


Friday, November 22, 2013
Musical Crossroads: Greek Melodies across Cultures
Hamilton Murray Theater
8 p.m.
Reception to follow

Cosponsored by PTIC, the Orange Pan-Hellenic Association, the Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies, theDepartment of French and Italian, the USG Projects Board, the Lewis Center for the Arts, the Carl A. Fields Center, the Davis International Center Advisory Board, the Department of Near Eastern Studies, and the Department of Comparative Literature.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Japanese Impressionism and Jamesian Precisions in Natsume Soseki: Contending with Light and Dark
John Nathan, University of California, Santa Barbara
4:30 p.m.
202 Jones Hall

Cosponsored by PTIC, the Program in East Asian Studies, and the Department of Comparative Literature



Translation Lunch Series
September 17, 2012

Benjamin Buchholz, Graduate Student, Department of Near Eastern Studies; Foreign Area Officer, US Army

September 24, 2012
103: Rhythm in Arthur Waley’s Translation of Chinese Poetry
Thomas Mazanec, Ph.D. candidate, East Asian Studies

October 1, 2012
104: The Histories and Strategies of Translation of the Mahabharata, Great Indian Epic
Frederick Smith, University of Iowa
Cosponsored with the Program in South Asian Studies

October 15, 2012
105: Naomi in Ruth
Ronald Hyman, Rutgers University, emeritus

October 22, 2012
106: Renaissance Mistranslation and Literary Creation
Francois Rigolot, Department of French and Italian

November 5, 2012
107: Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Can We Find It, and Could We Converse?
Seth Shostak, SETI Institute

November 12, 2012
108: Solomon au feminin: Medieval French Bible Translation and the Case of Christine de Pizan’s Proverbs 31:10-31
Jeanette Patterson, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of French and Italian

November 19, 2012
109: Translating the Foreign Accent of the Immigrant: Gringlish, Gralbanian and Contemporary Greek Literature
Karen Van Dyck, Columbia University

November 26, 2012
110: Translating the Dog:  Function and Meaning in Animal Communication
Mark Feinstein, Hampshire College

December 3, 2012

111: Translating Western Anatomy in Early Nineteenth-Century Japan
Mathias Vigouroux, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of East Asian Studies

December 10, 2012
112:Translation in Endangered Language Documentation and Revitalization
Saul Schwartz, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Anthropology

February 4, 2013
113: Terence and the Invention of Translation
Leon Grek, Comparative Literature

February 11, 2013
114: Lee’s Miserables: Censoring Victor Hugo for the Confederate States of America
Jessica Christy ‘13
Department of Religion

February 18, 2013
115: Proustofuturism: Imagined Languages in Marcel Proust's Correspondence with Reynaldo Hahn

Rubén Gallo, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures; Director, Program in Latin American Studies

February 25, 2013
116: The Power of Language--The Language of Power: Leveraging Core Humanitarian Principles to Improve Multilingual Communication in the Field
Barbara Moser-Mercer, University of Geneva

March 4, 2013
117: Child Language Brokering in Princeton's Hispanic Immigrant Community
David Abugaber ‘14

March 11, 2013
118: Double Exposure: Lin Shu's Translation of Oliver Twist and the Social Vision of Chinese Fiction
Michael Gibbs Hill, University of South Carolina

March 25, 2013
119: Do Publishers Have a Theory of Translation? What We Think About When We Think About Commissioning a Translation
Helen Conford, Penguin Press, London

April 1, 2013
120: Futile but Necessary Interdisciplinary Translations:  The Case of Legal Language
Elizabeth Mertz, University of Wisconsin Law School

April 8, 2013
121: Nineteen Ways of Translating Sarrasine
Jordan Stump, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

April 15, 2013
122: Translating and Transposing Medieval French Lais
Sophie Marnette, University of Oxford

April 22, 2013
123:Translating Diglossia: A Cultural and Ethical Question
Christine Raguet, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

April 29, 2013
124: Translating Italian Poetry: Leopardi and Montale
Jonathan Galassi, Farrar, Straus Giroux
219 Aaron Burr Hall
*note room change


Translation Lunch Series
September 19
Text, Subtext, Context: Translating from Jewish Languages

Barbara Harshav
Yale University

September 26

The Translators of the Quixote
Ilan Stavans
Amherst College

October 3
Paul Eisner’s Two Mother Tongues: Translating Kafka to Czech

Veronika Tuckerova
University of Texas, Austin

October 10
Szymek from the Village and Joe from Missouri: Problems of Voice in Translating Wieslaw Mysliwski’s Stone Upon Stone
Bill Johnston
Indiana University, Bloomington

October 17
The Septuagint and the Other Targums: Understanding Translation, Cultural Transmission, and Reception in Judeo-Christian Antiquity
Michael T. Davis
Princeton Theological Seminary

October 24
It's Greek to Me: Notes on Translating for the Stage, 1996-2012
Daniel Loayza
Odéon-Theatre de l'Europe, Paris

November 7
The Storm behind the Calm of Chekov's Prose
Katherine O’Connor
Boston University

November 14
Not Lost in Translation: How did English Become the Common Language of Information Processing? (1960-1974)
Ksenia Tatarchenko
Princeton University

November 28
Ground Shaking Translation: God, Translation, and the Septuagint
Kerry Brodie ’12

December 12
Babel Rousers: The 900-year Quest to Build a Better Language
Arika Okrent
Linguist and autho

February 6
Learning the New Time: Reading Western Clocks in Early 19th-century Japan
Yulia Frumer
Ph.D. Candidate, Program in History of Science

February 13
Between Translation and Commentary: Non-Arabic Renderings of the Qur'an in Early 20th-century Egypt and South Asia
Amin Venjara
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Religion

February 27
"For nother is there anie matter more straunge in the englishe tungue": Translating Euclidean Diagrams at the Dawn of "Englishe Geometrie"
Michael Barany
Ph.D. Candidate, Program in History of Science

March 5
Translating Roberto Bolaño
Natasha Wimmer

March 12
Writing in Translation
Rebecca Walkowitz
Rutgers University

March 26
Translating, Editing, Publishing
Mitzi Angel
Publisher, Faber & Faber

April 2
Breeding Lyrics from the Dead Land: Sophocles’ ‘Ode on Old Age
Oliver Taplin
University of Oxford

April 9
Horatius Interpres: Varieties of Translation in Horace’s Poetry

Adam Gitner
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Classics

April 16
Translating Verne: A Triple Betrayal
William Butcher

April 23
Nonfictional Discourse and the Translating Subject
Catherine Porter
Cornell University

April 30
Translation 101: Fish Source
David Bellos

Other events

Translation Workshop with poet and translator Stephen Mitchell. Open to undergraduates with an interest in literary translation. No special preparation necessary, but handouts will be available in advance from October 12, Noon, 619 New South.

Stephen Mitchell reads from his translation of The Illiad. October 12, 4:30 p.m., James Stewart Theater, 185 Nassau Street.

Commemorating the King James Bible Translation of 1611. Princeton University Center for the Study of Religion, October 13-14.

Translating the Bible from Antiquity to the 20th Century. Princeton University Program in Judaic Studies, October 23.

Translating Yiddish Literature. Conference at the Yiddish Book Center, Amherst, Mass., November 12.


Translation Lunch Series

September 20
Between Rhyme and Reason: Vladimir Nabokov’s Life in Translation, Stanislav Shvabrin (Slavic)

September 27
The Quran as a Prophetic Reading of the World: Mohammad Mojtahed Shabestaris Second HermeneuticTurn, Mirjam Kϋnkler (Near Eastern Studies)

October 4
Nothing Is Untranslatable, or Is It? Andrew Plaks (East Asian Studies)

October 11
Miniatures: Robert Walser’s Micrography and the Art of Translation, Susan Bernofsky (CUNY)

October 18
Translating in Translation: The Case of Esperanto, Humphrey Tonkin (University of Hartford)

October 25
Translating Translatability: Incommensurability in Pioneering Egyptian Newspapers, On Barak (Princeton Society of Fellows)

November 1
Fall Recess

November 8
Orientalizing the Orient: Importing Jungian Essentialism into Contemporary Taiwan, Daniel Burton-Rose (East Asian Studies)

November 15
Obscenity and Sentimentality: Some Latin and French Poems, Rosanna Warren (Boston University)

November 22
Freud's Spanish: Bilingualism and Bisexuality, Rubén Gallo (Spanish and Portuguese, PLAS)

November 29
Re: Just-in-Time Translation, Scott Kushner (Rutgers University)

December 6
Translation and "Exotic" Languages, Tom Hare (Comparative Literature)

December 13
Shakespeare, Thou Art Translated, John Andrews (Shakespeare Guild)

January 31
“Translation Studies and Folklore Studies, Sibling Disciplines”
Lee Haring
Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Emeritus
More information...

February 7
“German Exophonic Writing and Literary Translation”
Chantal Wright
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

February 21                                                                                                                           
“On Making Sense in Translation: Thinking about an Ethics of the Art”
Peter Cole
Poet and translator of Hebrew and Arabic)

February 28
“Voices in The Silent House: Translating Orhan Pamuk”
Robert Finn
Princeton University

March 7
“How Do You Translate ‘Tea Party’ into French When You Are on a Deadline? A Glimpse at the Linguistic Headaches of a Foreign Reporter”
Laure Mandeville
Chief U.S. Correspondent, Le Figaro, Washington Bureau

March 21
 “Treason and Translation in Contemporary Syrian Fiction”
Max Weiss
Princeton University

March 28
“Snakes and Sexuality in Present-day Anatolia”
Abigail Bowman ’11

April 4
“The Politics of Translating Soviet Pseudo-Science”
Michael Gordin
Princeton University

April 11
“Do Translation Universals Make Translation More or Less Interesting? The Implications of Corpus Linguistics for Translation and Translating”
Ho-Jeong Cheong
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Korea)/ Visiting Scholar Rutgers University

April 18
Interpreting Multilingual Statutes in the European Court of Justice: Are 23 Languages Better than One?
Lawrence Solan
Brooklyn Law School

April 25
“Translation in Translation”
David Bellos
Princeton University

Other Events

Translation Lectures

October 6
The Second Sex
Connie Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier (authors)
4:30 p.m.
219 Aaron Burr Hall

December 8
English as the Global Language of Science:  Role(s) of Translation in a New Era of Human Communication
Scott Montgomery (University of Washington)
4:30 p.m., 219 Aaron Burr Hall



Translation Lunch Series

September 21
Translation and Emotion, Constanze Guthenke (Princeton)

September 28
St. Jerome’s letter to Pammachius, Lawrence Venuti (Temple University)

October 5
Translating East Asia:  Thoughts from a New Course Project, Martin Kern (Princeton)

October 12
Problems of Self-Representation:  A Yemenite Jew Writes in Judaeo-Arabic for Europeans, Alan Verskin (Princeton) 

October 19
Translating a Puzzle:  Richard Bruce Nugent’s Smoke, Lilies and Jade, Antonio Calvo (Princeton University)

October 26
Drafting Bilingual Contracts: How the Chinese Can Teach Us to Identify and Avoid Postmodification Ambiguity in English, Preston Torbert (University of Chicago). Background reading.

November 9
Beyond Translation:  Esperanto and the Curse of Babel, Esther Schor (Princeton University) 

November 16
Translating Unfinished Texts, Karen Emmerich (Columbia University)

November 23
A Future for Translation Studies? David Bellos (Princeton University)

November 30
Talking to the Ottoman Empire:  “British” Dragomans in the Nineteenth Century, Judy Laffan (University of Queensland)

December 7
Translation and Resistance: Literary Translators in Soviet Russia, Brian Baer (Kent State University)

December 14
On Fatwas and Translation:  Implied Hierarchies of Islamic Languages and Scripts, Michael Laffan (Princeton University)

February 1
Mixing Languages in Medieval Europe: When Quotations Are Translated and When They Are Not, Sarah Kay (Princeton)

February 8
Mistranslating Politics: Current and Historical Perspectives, Fania Oz-Salzberger (UCHV); 3rd Floor Atrium, Aaron Burr Hall

February 15
Lessons to be Learned from Tibetan Translation Theory, Jonathan Gold (Princeton)

February 22
Man vs. Machine: Towards Intelligent Translation,James Hodson, ’10; 3rd Floor Atrium, Aaron Burr Hall

March 1
Translation and Exile: Joseph Brodsky and his self-translations, Michael Wachtel (Princeton); 3rd Floor Atrium, Aaron Burr Hall

March 8
A Translator’s Choices: Case Studies in Dostoevsky, Susanne Fusso (Wesleyan University)

March 22
Postcoloniality, Translation, and Resistance, Paul Bandia, Concordia University, Montreal (French)

March 29
Speech Acts in Chinese Cyberspace, Katy Pinke ’10, Princeton University (East Asian Studies)

April 5
15 Characters per Second: Subtitle Translation and the Poetics of the Impossible, Kerim Yasar, Princeton University (Society of Fellows), 3rd Floor Atrium, Burr Hall

April 12
Language Divide and Employment of Translators in the Ottoman Empire, Mehmet Darakcioglu, Princeton University (Near Eastern Studies)

April 19
The Shock of the New: Retranslating La Celestina, Peter Bush, Freelance literary translator, Barcelona
3rd Floor Atrium, Burr Hall

April 26
Translation over the Edge, or How to do Philosophy in Different Voices, Panel Discussion
Michael Wood, Princeton University (English); Emily Apter, New York University (Comparative Literature); Jacques Lezra, New York University (Comparative Literature)


MARCH 4, 2010
Jorge Luis Borges: Criollos and Tangos
Alfred Mac Adam (Columbia University)
4:30 p.m., 106 McCormick

MARCH 22, 2010
The Poetics and Politics of Translation: On Hovering at a Low Altitude: The Collected Poetry of Dahlia Ravikovitch
Chana Kronfeld (University of California, Berkeley)
Chana Bloch (poety, translator, scholar)
4:30 p.m., 202 Jones Hall

APRIL 8, 2010
Why Translation Matters
Edith Grossman, award-winning translator Latin American fiction
4:30 p.m., 010 East Pyne

APRIL 20, 2010
What Is a Translation?
Robert Young (New York University)
4:30 p.m., 010 East Pyne

APRIL 21, 2010
The Psychic Life of Digital Media
Lydia Liu (Columbia University)
4:30 p.m., 219 Aaron Burr Hall



Translation through the Looking Glass, Roy Harris (University of Oxford)
Einstein Was No Cole Porter, Douglas Hofstadter (Indiana University)
Translating Diversity in the Middle Ages, Simon Gaunt (King's College, London)


The Business of Translation, David Bellos, Eduardo Cadava, Michael Emmerich, Shelley Frisch, Carol Brown Janeway. (Fall)

Poets and Their Translators, Maya Arad with Adriana Tatum (Hebrew), Adam Zagajewski with C. K. Williams (Polish), and Valzhnya Mort with Franz Wright (Belarussian). Cosponsored by PTIC and the Program in Creative Writing. (Spring)

Lunch Seminars

Spring 2009

Derrida on Translation and His (Mis)reception in America, Emmanuelle Ertel (New York University)
Designing Terminological Records: Termbases and Data Categories,
Dave Summers (Kent State)
Translating the Gulag,
Deborah Kaple (Princeton University)
The Language of Translation as the ‘Third Code,'
Mairi McLaughlin (University of California, Berkeley),
On the Language of Oracles,
Emily Pillinger (Princeton University)
Translations of the Mind: Speech Writers as Translators,
John Weeren (Princeton University)
Language Careers in International Affairs,
Stephen Sekel (United Nations Translation Division)
Thoughts on Translating a Literary Representation of Bengali Creole,
Ben Baer (Princeton University)
Translation as Intercultural Communication: The Case of Law,
Sieglinde Pommer (Vienna and Harvard University)
Translating S. Yizhar,
Yaacob Dweck (Princeton University),
Celebrating the Publication of REX,
Esther Allen (Columbia University) and José Manuel Prieto (Princeton University)

Fall 2008

Interpreting versus Translation/Speech versus Script: The Roman Case, Dennis Feeney (Princeton University)
The Awkward Issue of L3, David Bellos (Princeton University)
On Mistranslation, Roy Harris (University of Oxford )
Françoise Sagan’s Mad Ache, Douglas Hofstadter (Indiana University)
Translating Monkey Talk, Mark Laidre (Princeton University)
The Curious Adventures of a Literary Scholar’s Romp through Translationland, or,… What I Learned from Translating a Bit of Andrei Bitov’s Prose, Ellen Chances (Princeton University)
Scientific Babel: Minority Languages in the History of Science, Michael Gordin (Princeton)
Translating the Modern Classics: Franz Kafka as a Test Case, Mark Harmon (Elizabethtown College)
Cognitive Processes in Simultaneous Interpreting, Brooke McNamara (Princeton University)
To Turn a Phrase: Ludic Translation in Roman Poetry, Joshua Katz (Princeton University)



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