Undergraduate Certificate Recipients


Redab Osman Alnifaidy, Department of Near Easter Studies
Translation Problems of the Sudanese Republican Brothers’ 1975 “Women in the Essential Principles of the Qur’an” Brochure
(Independent Work)

Jan Mitsuko Cash, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Translator and Editor Relationship Dynamics
(Independent Work)

Patience Elizabeth Haggin, Department of Comparative Literature
‘The Moonstone: Scenes from the Countryside’ A translation and study
Senior Thesis Advisors: Daniel Heller-Roazen, Paul Muldoon, and Idra Novey

Jacob Daniel Hymes, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
Legal Nhilisim and Its Relationship to the Failure of Rule of Law in Post-Soviet Russia
Senior Thesis Advisor: Mark Pettus

Amanda Morgan Mitchell, Department of History
Cuba Aqui and Alla: Between the Boom and Revolution 1959-1971
Senior Thesis Advisor:  Rosina Amelia Lozano

Nellie May Pickett Peyton, Department of Comparative Literature
Translating Translation: A New Approach to the Bilingual Postcolonial Text
Senior Thesis Advisors: Lital Levy and David Bellos

Asumi Shibata, Department of East Asian Studies
Fan Creations, Fan Expressions: A Comparative Study of Derivative Works as Reflections of Fan Communities of Anime and Manga in Japan and the USA
Senior Thesis Advisor:  David Leheny

Alexandra Elizabeth Small, Department of East Asian Studies
Putting a Price on a Hero: Marketing Morality and Martyrdom through Model Emulation Propaganda in Reform-Era China
Senior Thesis Advisor: Janet Chen

Anne-Claire Wang, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Translating the Limerick: The Challenges of Humor and Form
(Independent Work)

Mengyi Xu, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Si Kao/Gui Lei: An Exercise in sort of recreating George Perec’s thoughts in Chinese, with natural and translator-imposed constraints
(Independent Work)

Saud Abdulrahman Al-ThanI
Heather Hammel
Michael Hanley
Rebecca Kagel
Tamar Kawar
Thomas Merckens
Yuta Shinozaki
Win Suen
Juliet Tempest
Audrye Wong

Kerry Brodie
Alya Forster
Ricardo Lopez
Ankit Panda
Erica Meyer Zendell

Jada Claiborne
Phyllis Heitjan
William Meyers

Michelle Arader
Phoebe Champion
Laura Fletcher
James Hodson
Lindsey Leake
Katy Pinke
Sara Shaw
Jonathan Solarte
Zachary Michael Wieder

Gabriel Cortes
Chloe Estep 


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