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Congratulations and Welcome

from your residential college director of studies!

Princeton's liberal arts education encourages curiosity, expands critical thinking, and prepares students to work in complex, diverse, and changing environments. We are here to support you during your transition into our dynamic learning community and throughout your Princeton career.

We understand that while this journey will be filled with excitement, it is one that is unfamiliar, and you will need some support as you navigate your path through Princeton. We hope this guide will serve as a roadmap and resource for the academic questions and concerns that are likely to arise during your first year.

This booklet answers important questions about academic policies, but it is also designed to guide your thinking about what you want from your undergraduate education. Planning carefully and looking ahead with the support of your advisers here will enable you to maximize your opportunities at Princeton.

Knowing when and where to find guidance and counsel is important for ensuring that your educational choices are well considered and make sense in the context of your larger academic goals. Princeton is a caring and relatively small community, and so it is not difficult to find help, advice, information, and just plain encouragement if you look for it. But unlike what you may have experienced in high school, you will need to take the first step by seeking out the help you need. This guide should help you do just that. Please read it carefully and refer to it often as a reference for names, offices, telephone numbers, useful timelines, and schedules you will need throughout the year.

Any questions? We are here to help!


Matthew Lazen, Director of Studies, Butler College,, 609-258-7140
Renita Miller, Director of Studies, Forbes College,, 609-258-7193
Cecily Swanson, Director of Studies, Mathey College,, 609-258-7223
Justine Levine, Director of Studies, Rockefeller College,, 609-258-7245
Justin Lorts, Director of Studies, Whitman College,, 609-258-8093
John Axcelson, Director of Studies, Wilson College,, 609-258-1929