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Seminars for the Spring Term 2013

Butler College

FRS 102 Cancelled Latin American Politics through Film SA
Daniela Campello
Barrett Family Freshman Seminar
FRS 104 Light in Artistic Expression LA
Jane Cox
FRS 106 Art and Science of Motorcycle Design STL
Michael Littman
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar
FRS 108 Cancelled Design, Craft and Ethical Value EM
Guy Nordenson
FRS 110 The Arthurian Legend in Literature and Film LA
Sara Poor
FRS 112 Light, Camera, Action STL
Jason Puchalla
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar

FRS 114 Social Contagion SA
Stacey Sinclair

Forbes College

FRS 116 The Evolution of Human Language EC
Christiane Fellbaum
FRS 118 Atomic Bombing and Firebombing Cities in World War II: Morality, Science and Race HA
Sheldon Garon
FRS 120 Life on Mars or Maybe Not SA
Michael Lemonick and Edwin Turner
William H. Burchfield, Class of 1902, Freshman Seminar
FRS 122 Who Was the Last Samurai? HA
Federico Marcon
FRS 124 The Everglades Today and Tomorrow: Global Change and the Impact of Human Activities on the Biosphere STL
Anne Morel-Kraepiel
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar
FRS 126 Imagining Other Worlds QR
David Spergel
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar
FRS 128 Representing the Holocaust LA
Thomas Trezise
FRS 130 Architects in Quest of the Ideal City LA
Ivan Zaknic
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminars 

FRS 132 Cancelled Musical Passions LA
Anna Zayaruznaya

Mathey College

FRS 134 What Makes for a Meaningful Life? A Search EM
Ellen Chances
FRS 138 Life Is Short, Art Is Really Short LA
James Richardson
FRS 140 Does Poverty Have a History? HA
Daniel Rodgers
Agnew Family Freshman Seminar
FRS 142 From the Arabian Nights to the Prince of Persia: Orientalism in Literature and Film HA
Daniel Sheffield
FRS 144 Knowledge, Holiness and Pleasure: The Illustrated Book in the Medieval World LA
Nino Zchomelidsdse
William H. Burchfield 1902 Freshman Seminar
FRS 146 Science and Buddhism EC
Robert Wright
University Center for Human Values Freshman Seminar by an Anonymous Donor

Rockefeller College

FRS 148 Capitalism, Utopia and Social Justice SA
Marc Fleurbaey
Kurt and Beatrice Gutmann Freshman Seminar in Human Values
FRS 150 Walden in Our Time LA
William Howarth
Henry David Thoreau Freshman Seminar in Environmental Studies
FRS 152 How Not to Go to Africa SA
Mahiri Mwita
FRS 154 Contemporary African Art Since 1980 LA
Chika Okeke-Agulu
FRS 156 Islam in the West SA
Lawrence Rosen
FRS 158 Into the Woods! What Disney Didn’t Tell You About Fairy Tales LA
Volker Schröder
Class of 1975 Freshman Seminar

Whitman College

FRS 160  Water and the Environment STN
Catherine Riihimaki
Shelly and Michael Kassen ’76 Freshman Seminar in the Life Sciences
FRS 162 Controversies in Science: Past and Present EM
Samuel Philander
FRS 164 Cancelled Liberalism and Religion: Culture War or Mutual Support? EM
Paul Sigmund
FRS 166 The Chemistry of Magic STL
Kathryn Wagner
FRS 168 Cancelled Joan of Arc HA
Rob Wegman
FRS 170 Exotic Quantum States of Matter STN
Ali Yazdani
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminars

Wilson College

FRS 174 The Mathematics of Magic Tricks and Games QR
Manjul Bhargava
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminars
FRS 176 Cancelled The Literature and Politics of Encounter LA
Natasha Lee
FRS 178 Divided We Stand: Economic Inequality and Its Discontents SA
Thomas Leonard
Professor Burton G. Malkiel *64 Freshman Seminar
FRS 180 Race and the History of Racism in Brazil: An Alternative to the United States? HA
Pedro Meira Monteiro and Lilia Schwarcz
FRS 182 The Dreamkeepers: Education Reform and the Urban Teaching Experience SA
Kathleen Nolan
L. Richardson Preyer ’41 Freshman Seminar in Public Service

FRS 184 Cancelled The Chemistry of Color STL
Susan VanderKam