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Fall Term Index

Butler College

FRS 101  Photographies: A Visual Studies Workshop LA
Joel Smith

FRS 103 The Art of Light: A Creative Exploration of the Role of Light in Artistic Expression LA
Jane Cox

FRS 105 Philosophical Analysis Using Argument Maps EM
Adam Elga
Richard L. Smith '70 Freshman Seminars

FRS 107 Architecture and the American College Campus LA
Ronald McCoy

FRS 109 Modern Cosmology: From the Big Bang to the Present QR
Michael Strauss
Richard L. Smith '70 Freshman Seminars

FRS 111 Water: Keystone for Sustainable Development STN
Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe

FRS 113 Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes LA
W. Barksdale Maynard
Henry David Thoreau Freshman Seminar in Environmental Studies

Forbes College

FRS 115 Agriculture, Food, and the Environment STL
Eileen Zerba

FRS 117 Colonial Rule and Decolonization in the Muslim World HA
L. Carl Brown

FRS 119 Exploring Human Genomes and the Future of Human Beings STN
Lee Silver
Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 Freshman Seminar

FRS 123 Ancient Egypt and Its Hieroglyphs LA
Joshua Katz
Agnew Family Freshman Seminar

FRS 125 Global Environmental Change: Science, Technology, and Policy STN
Eric Wood and Justin Sheffield
Frank E. Richardson ’61 Freshman Seminar in Public Policy

FRS 127 Making Sense of the Civil War HA
Elizabeth Bergman

FRS 145 CANCELLED What Is Modern? LA
Anna Katsnelson

Mathey College

FRS 129 Contact: The Archaeology of Interaction in the Ancient Mediterranean HA
Nathan Arrington
Barrett Family Freshman Seminar

FRS 131 Discovering Don Quixote de la Mancha: Then and Now LA
Christina Lee

FRS 133 Materials World STN
Ilhan Aksay
Donald P. Wilson '33 and Edna M. Wilson Freshman Seminar

FRS 137 Silence, Sound, Noise, Music: Everyday Life And/As Art LA
Barbara White
Professor Roy Dickinson Welch Freshman Seminar in Music

FRS 143 Stalin's Gulag SA
Deborah Kaple
Agnew Family Freshman Seminar

FRS 149 Coeducation HA
Nancy Malkiel

Rockefeller College

FRS 151 Ethics in Financial Markets SA
Jean-Christophe de Swaan
John H. Laporte Jr. '67 Freshman Seminar

FRS 153 Ghetto SA
Mitchell Duneier
Shelly and Michael Kassen '76 Freshman Seminar

FRS 155 Story: Drama from the Greek Stage to the Modern Screen LA
Andrew Ford
Louise S. Sams, Class of 1979, Freshman Seminar

FRS 157 Philanthropy SA
Stanley Katz
Bert G. Kerstetter '66 Freshman Seminar

FRS 161 When Adolescence Goes Wrong: What They Didn't Tell You SA
Michael Litchman

FRS 163 Science, Technology, and Public Policy SA
Harold T. Shapiro
Brian W. H. Berghuis '81 Freshman Seminar

FRS 165 Work SA
Paul Willis
Donna ’78 and Michael S. Pritula '78 Freshman Seminar

FRS 167 Religion and Politics: Conflicts of Public and Private Values EM
Stephen Macedo
Professor Amy Gutmann Freshman Seminar in Human Values

FRS 169 Dante's Inferno: A Guide to Hell (and Back) LA
Simone Marchesi
Agnew Family Freshman Seminar

Whitman College

FRS 171 Scientists Against Time HA
Harold Feiveson

FRS 173 Einstein HA
Michael Gordin
William H. Burchfield, Class of 1902, Freshman Seminar

FRS 175 Shifting Alignments: Film Music, Ideology, Cultural Politics LA
Christopher Hailey

FRS 177 Roads Not Taken: Critics of Modern America 1880-1940 SA
Alan Ryan
Dean Eva Grossman Freshman Seminar in Human Values

FRS 181 Medieval Globalism: International Commerce Before Columbus HA
Alan Stahl

Wilson College

FRS 183 The Fantasy of the Middle Ages: Stories and Storytelling LA
Sarah Anderson
Professor Whitney J. Oates '25 *31 Freshman Seminar in the Humanities

FRS 185 Bodies in Cultural Landscapes LA
Patricia Hoffbauer

FRS 187 Earth's Environments and Ancient Civilizations (in Cyprus) STL
Adam Maloof and Frederik Simons
Richard L. Smith '70 Freshman Seminars

FRS 189 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Wisdom of Crowds LA
Susanna Moore

FRS 191 Listening In: Sonic Culture in American History HA
Emily Thompson

FRS 193 Difficult Art LA
Zahid Chaudhary