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Fall Term Index

Butler College

FRS 101 Can Entrepreneurial Innovation Cure What Ails America's Healthcare "System"? SA
John Danner

FRS 103 Architecture and the American College Campus LA
Ronald McCoy

FRS 105 The Dreamkeepers: Education Reform and the Urban Teaching Experience SA
Kathleen Nolan

FRS 107 Alchemy, Art, and Science HA
Jennifer Rampling

FRS 111 20th-century Poetry: Politics, War, Love, and Religion LA
Neil Rudenstine

FRS 113 Contemporary Art and the Amateur LA
Joseph Scanlan

FRS 115 What Makes a Poem Endure? 24 Lyric Masterpieces LA
Susan Stewart

FRS 117 Citizenship: Law, Culture, and Society SA
Michelle McKinley

Forbes College

FRS 119 Socrates: Moral Philosophy and the Philosophical Life EM
John Cooper

FRS 121 Family, Friends, and Groups: The Ethics of Association EM
Chiara Cordelli

FRS 123 Jewish American Literature: Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? LA
Jennifer Gilmore

FRS 125 The Science and Art of Mapping the World STN
Catherine Riihimaki

FRS 127 The Smart Band-Aid STN
Jeffrey Schwartz

FRS 129 Vaccination and Society: Ethics, Politics, and Public Health EM
Jason Schwartz

FRS 131 Child Language Acquisition EC
Adele Goldberg

Mathey College

FRS 133 Materials World STL
Ilhan Aksay

FRS 135 Soccer and Latin America: Politics, History, Popular Culture LA
Bruno Carvalho

FRS 137 What Makes for a Meaningful Life? A Search EM
Ellen Chances

FRS 139 Great Economic Challenges of 2014 SA
Alan Krueger

FRS 141 Japanese Monsters and Ghosts: A Social History HA
Federico Marcon

FRS 143 American Deception LA
Clayton Marsh

FRS 145 Signals, Yardsticks and Tipping Points: Global Warming and Ocean Environments STL
Eileen Zerba

Rockefeller College

FRS 147 Elektra (and Her Family) from Homer to Freud LA
Yelena Baraz

FRS 149 Ethics in Financial Markets SA
Jean-Christophe de Swaan

FRS 151 Philanthropy: Can We Save the World Through Generosity? SA
Stanley Katz

FRS 153 When Adolescence Goes Wrong ... What They Didn't Tell You SA
Michael Litchman

FRS 155 Dante's Inferno: A Guide to Hell (and Back) LA
Simone Marchesi

FRS 157 Funny Pictures: Caricature and Modernity HA
Anne McCauley

FRS 159 Science, Technology, and Public Policy SA
Harold T. Shapiro

FRS 161 The Forgotten Ghetto SA
Mitchell Duneier

Whitman College

FRS 163 Narratives of Identity in the "Other" Europe: Reading Culture in the Balkans LA
Margaret Beissinger

FRS 165 Self to Selfies EC
John Borneman

FRS 167 Endless Romance: Allure and Risk from Daphnis and Chloe to Lolita LA
Marina Brownlee

FRS 169 Student Life: The University in Literature and Film LA
Sarah Chihaya

FRS 171 Photography and Literature LA
Katherine Reischl

FRS 173 Historic Gardens and Designed Landscapes LA
W. Barksdale Maynard

Wilson College

FRS 175 Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum LA
Caroline Harris

FRS 177 American Noir LA
William Howarth

FRS 179 Nomads, Nomadism, and Nomadology HA
Stefan Kamola

FRS 181 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Wisdom of Crowds LA
Susanna Moore

FRS 183 Reading Freud's Great Case Histories as Short Stories LA
Sheila Kohler

FRS 185 Utopia: How Fiction Meets the World LA
Bradin Cormack

FRS 187 Philosophical Analysis Using Argument Maps EM
Shamik Dasgupta and Simon Cullen

FRS 189 Constitutional Law and International Law SA
David Law

FRS 191 Did Kubrick Invent the iPad? Introduction to the Close Reading of Films LA
Erika Kiss