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Spring Term Index

Butler College

FRS 102 The Many Lives of Mao Zedong HA
Janet Chen

FRS 104 Rethinking Truth and Objectivity in History HA
Marc Domingo Gygax

FRS 106 Art and Science of Motorcycle Design STL
Michael Littman
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar

FRS 108 Job, Suffering, and Modernity LA
Esther Schor

FRS 110 Personal Genomes, Medicine, and Algorithms STN
Mona Singh
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar
FRS 112 From the Earth to the Moon QR
Robert Stengel
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar

Forbes College

FRS 116 The Far East in the Western Imagination LA
Christina Lee

FRS 118 Life on Mars — Or Maybe Not SA
Michael Lemonick
Stuart Family Freshman Seminar
History and Cinema: Fascism in Film HA
Gaetana Marrone-Puglia
FRS 122 Dionysus LA
Christian Wildberg
Professor Whitney J. Oates '25 *31 Freshman Seminar
FRS 124 The Everglades Today and Tomorrow: Global Change and the Impact of Human Activities on the Biosphere STN
Anne Morel-Kraepiel
Shelly and Michael Kassen ’76 Freshman Seminar in the Life Sciences

Mathey College

FRS 126 Contact: The Archaeology of Interaction in the Ancient Mediterranean HA
Nathan Arrington
Barrett Family Freshman Seminar

FRS 128 Conquests and Heroes: A Comparative History of War HA
Thomas Conlan

"Making Special": Everyday Experience And/As Art LA
Barbara White
Professor Roy Dickinson Welch Freshman Seminar

FRS 132 Creating Documentary Performance LA
Mara Isaacs

Rockefeller College

FRS 134 Capitalism, Utopia, and Social Justice SA
Marc Fleurbaey
Professor Amy Gutmann Freshman Seminar in Human Values
FRS 136 Emerging Micro and Nano-Engineered Technologies STN
Janine Nunes
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar
FRS 138 Life in a Nuclear-Armed World SA
Zia Mian
Bert G. Kerstetter ’66 Freshman Seminar
FRS 140 Into the Woods! What Disney Didn't Tell You About Fairy Tales LA
Volker Schröder
Class of 1975 Freshman Seminar

FRS 142 Freud on the Psychology of Ordinary Mental Life EC
Susan Sugarman

FRS 144 How the Tabby Cat Got her Stripes STN
Shirley M. Tilghman
Robert H. Rawson ’66 Freshman Seminar

Whitman College

FRS 146 Designing Life: The Ethics of Creation and Its Control EM
Elizabeth Harman
University Center for Human Values Freshman Seminar Anonymous
FRS 148 The Politics of Seeing: The Films of the French New Wave LA
Natasha Lee
Peter T. Joseph ’72 Freshman Seminars in Human Values
FRS 150 Music and the Mathematical Mind LA
Ju Ri Seo
Professor Roy Dickinson Welch Freshman Seminar
FRS 152 Drug Discovery: From Snake Venoms to Medicines STN
Paul Reider
Shelly and Michael Kassen ’76 Freshman Seminar in the Life Sciences

Wilson College

FRS 154 The Fantasy of the Middle Ages: Stories and Storytelling LA
Sarah Anderson

FRS 156 The Mathematics of Magic Tricks and Games QR
Manjul Bhargava
Richard L. Smith ’70 Freshman Seminar

FRS 158 The Art of Light: A Creative Exploration of the Role of Light in Artistic Expression LA
Jane Cox

FRS 160 Bodies in Cultural Landscapes LA
Patricia Hoffbauer

Water: Keystone for Sustainable Development STN
Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe

FRS 164 Sources of Terror in American Literature and Culture LA
Alfred Bendixen

FRS 166 Why Global Warming is Controversial STN
Samuel Philander

FRS 168 Ghosts, Vampires, and Zombies in Irish Literature and Theatre LA
Fintan O'Toole
Donna ’78 and Michael S. Pritula ’78 Freshman Seminar