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Graduate Housing Policy

The first priority is to guarantee housing for first-year graduate students who are degree candidates that have accepted their admission offer and who submit a completed housing application by the admission reply deadline date of April 15. Additionally, housing in the Graduate College is guaranteed to those first-year graduate students who apply by April 15 and select the Graduate College as their first choice on their housing application. Other specific location preferences cannot be guaranteed.

Priority for housing is by year of study and decreases as year of study increases. Eligible returning students receive priority in selecting specific rooms and apartment types; entering students are assigned space in the remaining units. The current policy was developed to allocate housing to an equal proportion of single students and students with spouses, domestic partners and/or dependents.

Students who need to remain in University housing for special reasons may receive priority over other returning students if they apply and are approved for hardship housing. Non-degree students (e.g., visiting student research collaborators, visiting students) receive lower priority than degree candidates. All students who sign a University housing contract are subject to the terms and conditions of either a dormitory/Annex housing contract or an apartment housing contract.

Dormitory Policies

Only enrolled graduate students are eligible for residence in the Graduate College and the Annexes (converted homes that have single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom). Current graduate students have priority in choosing specific dormitory rooms in a spring room selection process. Residents of the Graduate College are required to participate in one of the meal plans.

Apartment Policies

Students seeking housing that they will share full time with their spouse, domestic partner and/or dependents are required to provide documentation of the relationship by the April 15 housing application deadline. Students that have a change in family status after submitting the housing application after the deadline should contact the Housing Department in writing. Late applicants will be placed on a waiting list for appropriate housing based on the date we receive your notification.

Single students may also request apartment housing. Single students who select a two-, three-, or four-bedroom apartment option without a roommate(s) will have a roommate assigned to them.