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Alumni perspectives

ANT Elizabeth R. Landau ’06 Staff Writer,
ANT Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri ’01 Photographer, Digital Artist, Director, and TV Docu-Series Star and Co-Producer
ANT Amy B. Saltzman ’05 M.D.-Ph.D. Candidate, Social and Medical Anthropology, Harvard University
ARC Alex Volckhausen ’93 Stage Manager
ART Nora M. Gross ’08 Candidate for Master’s in Sociology of Education, New York University
ART Sarah A. Kennel ’92 Curator of Photographs, National Gallery of Art
ART Jeremy A. Spiegel ’92 Psychiatrist
AST Alison L. Coil ’97 Assistant Professor of Astrophysics, University of California–San Diego
CBE Eva Steinle-Darling ’03 Environmental Engineer, Erler & Kalinowski, Inc.
CEE M. Naomi Darling ’96 Architect; Adjunct Professor, Yale University School of Architecture; Adjunct Professor, Brown University Urban Studies Department
CEE Andrew J. Guswa ’94 Director, Center for the Environment, Ecological Design, and Sustainability; Associate Professor, Picker Engineering Program, Smith College
CEE Carol J. Rosenfeld ’05 Energy Management Specialist, Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities, City of Philadelphia
CEE Charles A. Stock ’97 Research Oceanographer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
CHM Melisa M. Gao ’06 MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School
CHM John Yi ’03 Science Department Chairperson and Chemistry Teacher, Millburn High School
CLA Dan-el Padilla Peralta ’06 Ph.D. Candidate in Classics, Stanford University
CLA Caroline E. Yeager ’06 Resident in Dermatology, Emory University
COM Kristopher W. J. Kersey ’04 Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, University of California–Berkeley
COM Margaret L. Meyer ’05 Opera Singer
COM Andrew K. Piper ’95 Assistant Professor of German Studies, McGill University
COM Sarah M. Pourciau ’98 Assistant Professor of German, Princeton University
COM Silas R. Riener ’06 Dancer
COM Eric S. Yanoff ’98 Rabbi
COS Carter Cleveland ’09 Founder of
COS Arna D. Ionescu ’00 Head of User Experience, Proteus Biomedical
EAS Brett Dakin ’98 Attorney and Author
EAS Laura Fortner ’91 Head of Marketing and Business Development,
EAS Stephanie Hsiao ’05 Marketing Manager, NFL China in Beijing
EAS Joshua R. Weinstein ’09 Web-Based Entrepreneur
ECO Natalie Nicolaou ’03 Assistant to the Chairman, Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Ltd.
ECO E. Glen Weyl ’07 Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Chicago
ECO Motohiro Yogo ’00 Monetary Adviser, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
EEB Rebecca S. Barak ’04 High School Science Teacher
EEB Sarah A. Combs ’04 Resident in Pediatrics, Mount Sinai Hospital
EEB Daniel S. Morris ’94 Photographer
EEB Christopher R. W. “Fish” Shephard ’98 Ph.D. Candidate in International Education Policy, Teachers College, Columbia University
ELE Christine M. Coldwell ’99 *00 Engineering Leader, National Security Agency
ELE Conor F. Madigan ’00 Co-Founder and CEO, Kateeva, Inc.
ELE Amirali Modir Shanechi ’08 M.D. Candidate, Washington University School of Medicine
ENG Brian DeLeeuw ’03 Writer and Editor
ENG Livingstone J. Johnson ’90 Executive Counsel, The Coca-Cola Company
ENG Keija Parssinen ’03 Writer
ENG Emily Gray Tedrowe ’95 Novelist
FIT David J. Rosenthal ’07 Associate, Madrona Venture Group
FIT Antoinette L. Seaberry ’05 Director, Business Development and Finance, Comcast Corporation
GEO Terrence McCloskey ’03 Postdoctoral Researcher in Paleotempestology, Louisiana State University
GEO Abigail Sheffer ’00 Associate Program Officer, Space Studies Board, The National Academies
GER Timothy A. Nunan ’08 Candidate for M.Phil. in Economic and Social History, University of Oxford
HIS Maxwell F. Anderson ’01 Author, The MBA Oath; Manager, Bridgewater Associates
HIS Katherine Benton-Cohen ’94 Associate Professor of History, Georgetown University
HIS Michael S. Bosworth ’00 Federal Prosecutor
HIS Matthew C. Iseman ’93 Stand-Up Comedian and Television Host
HIS Scott Sonneborn ’93 Writer
MAE Jason W. Michener ’03 Engineer, Ford Motor Company
MAE Rebecca C. Rozakis ’05 Distribution Coordinator, Traveling Programs, American Museum of Natural History
MAT Lillian Pierce ’02 *09 Mathematician; Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford
MAT Jacob A. Rasmussen ’98 Reader in Pure Mathematics, University of Cambridge
MOL Amy S. Gladfelter ’96 Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences, Dartmouth College
MOL Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne ’00 Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Georgetown Cupcake; Starring on TLC’s Television Series DC Cupcakes
MOL P. Justin Tortolani ’92 Spine Surgeon and Director of Spinal Research and Postgraduate Education, Union Memorial Hospital
MUS Anthony Roth Costanzo ’04 Opera Singer
MUS Geoffrey A. McDonald ’07 Conductor and Music Director
NES Alexandra T. Schimmer ’98 Chief Deputy Solicitor General, Office of the Ohio Attorney General
NES Rachel M. Smith ’03 Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy in Prague
NES Suzanne T. Sprague ’04 M.D. Candidate, Tufts University School of Medicine
ORF Olivier Kamanda ’03 Attorney; Elected Official, Adams Morgan Neighborhood of Washington, D.C.
ORF Katherine L. Milkman ’04 Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
ORF Robert J. Moore ’06 Founder and CEO, RJMetrics
PHI Yasser F. El Halaby ’06 Analyst, Emerging Markets-Focused Hedge Fund
PHI Adam J. Kolber ’96 Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School
PHI Jordan E. Roth ’97 President, Jujamcyn Theaters
PHY Costin Bontas ’03 Vice President, Goldman Sachs
PHY Fei-Fei Li ’99 Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University
PHY Christine McLeavey Payne ’01 Pianist
POL Jeffrey B. Chu ’99 Articles Editor, Fast Company
POL Waleed A. Hazbun ’90 Assistant Professor of International Relations, American University of Beirut
POL Leslie-Bernard Joseph ’06 Founding Dean of Students, Coney Island Prep
POL James J. Williamson ’07 J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School
PSY Shalani E. Alisharan ’98 Assistant Dean, American University of Paris
PSY Connor Diemand-Yauman ’10 Working on an Original Television Series on Korean PBS
REL Molly Z. Ephraim ’08 Actress
REL Yarden S. Fraiman ’09 M.D. Candidate, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
REL Irene Routte ’08 Home Assessment and Follow-Up Case Manager for Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth, The Children’s Village
SLA Eden D. Doniger ’98 Attorney
SOC M. Nicole Harrison-Evans ’98 Comprehensive Ophthalmologist; Medical Student Course Director; Co-Director, International Cataract Course, Department of Ophthalmology, Medical University of South Carolina
SOC Jordan C. S. Stern ’04 Officer-in-Charge of a Military Information Support Operations Detachment, United States Marine Corps
SPO Krista M. Brune ’06 Ph.D. Candidate in Spanish and Portuguese, University of California–Berkeley
SPO Adrienne N. Ellis ’04 Reading Specialist, Trevor Day School, New York City
SPO Daniel H. Hantman ’03 Senior Counselor to the Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
WWS Ingrid Eagly ’91 Acting Professor of Law, University of California-Los Angeles School of Law
WWS Adam P. Frankel ’03 Senior Presidential Speechwriter, The White House
WWS Renee Y. Hsia ’99 Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of California–San Francisco

*An asterisk (*) and number following a person’s name denotes that the individual earned a graduate degree from Princeton in that year.