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Phone Numbers & Addresses

All addresses are: Princeton University, Princeton, N.J. 08544. The area code for Princeton is 609. The University’s main number is 609-258-3000. You may call this number (which gives you the main switchboard during normal business hours) for information; the operator will connect you with any office you ask for by name. Or, you may dial 609-258-2255 for the touch-tone “spell-by-name,” voice mail subscriber directory at any time of day.

In case of emergency: On-campus phones dial 911 or 609-258-3333 for cell phones or off-campus phones.

Office of Public Safety (open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year), 200 Elm Drive, 609-258-1000

University Health Services, McCosh Health Center, 609-258-3129

Dean of the College (academic matters), 403 West College. For individual students, call the dean or director of studies in the appropriate college (see Residential Colleges below)

Dean of Undergraduate Students (residential life and student activities), 313 West College, 609-258-5750

Vice President for Campus Life, 220 Nassau Hall, 609-258-3056

Finance and Treasury’s Office/Student Accounts (billing and payments), 701 Carnegie Center, 609-258-6378

Financial Aid and Student Employment, 220 West College, 609-258-3330

Housing office, 5 New South, 609-258-3460

Registrar’s office (enrollment certification, home address changes), 101 West College, 609-258-3361; fax: 609-258-6328; email:

Residential Colleges

The residential college numbers begin with the area code 609.

Butler College, College Office, Wu Hall, 258-3474; Nicole Shelton, master, 258-4956; David Stirk, dean, 258-4954; Matthew Lazen, director of studies, 258-7140; Alexis Andres, director of student life, 258-1664; Elizabeth Stein, college administrator, 258-4955

Forbes College, College Office, 115 Alexander 258-6094; Michael Hecht, master, 258-5232; John Hodgson, dean, 258-5229; Patrick Caddeau, director of studies, 258-7193; Mellisa Thompson, director of student life, 258-4825; Alison Cook, college administrator, 258-6095

Mathey College, College Office, Hamilton Hall, 258-5717; Harriet Flower, master, 258-3724; Steven Lestition, dean, 258-3317; Rebekah Massengil, director of studies, 258-7223; Matthew Frawley, director of student life, 258-8845; Patricia Byrne, college administrator, 258-5224.

Rockefeller College, College Office, Upper Madison Hall, 258-3728; Jeff Nunokawa, master, 258-5310; Oliver Avens, dean, 258-5313; Justine Levine, director of studies, 258-7245; Amy Ham Johnson, director of student life, 258-2652; Karen Sisti, college administrator, 258-5318

Whitman College, College Office, North Hall, 258-8900; Sandra Bermann, master, 258-8944; Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu, dean, 258-8525; Justin Lorts, director of studies, 258-8093; Devon Wessman-Smerdon, director of student life, 258-8145; Kristin Frasier, college administrator, 258-8658

Wilson College, College Office, Wilcox Hall, 258-3629; Eduardo Cadava, master, 258-3148; Anne Caswell Klein, dean, 258-6496; John Axcelson, director of studies, 258-1929; Regan Croty, director of student life, 258-3281; Laurie Hebditch, college administrator, 258-6475

Emergency Information

In the event of a campus emergency, Princeton University posts news and other official information as quickly as possible. Understandably, families want information about their student quickly; utilizing the website, including its subscription features through RSS feeds, is the easiest method for obtaining the most accurate information available. Many of Princeton’s emergency procedures are featured on the emergency preparedness website. Families can also obtain information about campus emergencies by calling the University’s emergency hotline at 609-258-7700.

The University also keeps in touch with students during emergencies using the website, the Princeton Telephone and E-Mail Notification System (PTENS), email, Tiger TV and WPRB radio.

Every Princeton undergraduate is affiliated with a residential college, which has professionals who also may be able to assist parents. In an emergency that involves a particular student, parents can contact the appropriate residential college office, or the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students at 609-258-5750. After hours, the dean-on-call may be reached by calling Public Safety at 609-258-1000.