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Welcome from the President

Christopher L. Eisgruber

Welcome to Princeton University. We are delighted that your student will soon join other freshmen on campus to begin the new academic year. As you have probably noticed already, the choices available to Princeton students are many, dazzling, and occasionally a tad bewildering. I remember vividly the day when I arrived here to begin my own studies more than 35 years ago. Never having seen the campus or even set foot in New Jersey, I had lots of questions — and so, of course, did my parents.

This handbook introduces you to Princeton's traditions, opportunities, rules and responsibilities. The information provided here should help to answer some of your questions. The best way, though, for you to learn about Princeton is to visit so that you can see first-hand the exceptional teaching and extracurricular life that students at this University enjoy. I hope you will do so.

I suspect you know already that this University is a special and unusual place. Princeton's faculty, students, staff, alumni, family and friends come together to form a vibrant, inclusive community dedicated to learning. I hope that you will feel fully a part of this community, and that you will share our excitement about the unique opportunities that this University provides to its students.

— Christopher L. Eisgruber '83, president