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Admission FAQ's

Frequently asked questions by graduate applicants

When is your application deadline?

December 1


Can I apply for admission for the spring term?

No, admission to Princeton is for fall only. Application materials are available in September of every year for fall admission of the following year.


Do you offer a master's degree program?



Do you accept applications from international students?

Yes. Interested students from outside the United States are encouraged to apply.


Where should my application materials be submitted? Should I send anything to your office?

All application materials should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Admissions via their online application tool. You should not send anything to our office. For detailed information, please see the "How to Apply" link in the left hand menu.


Is the GRE subject exam required for admission?

No, the GRE subject exam is not required, although you must take the GRE general exam to be considered for admission.


Can I still apply if my GRE/TOEFL/IELTS exam scores arrive after December 1?

Yes. The graduate school continually loads scores into the system as they receive them. It is advised that you take the exams as early as possible.  If you take the exams too close to our application deadline of December 1, there is no guarantee that the scores will get to the Graduate School in time to support your application.


I majored in something other than biology. Can I still apply? Are there specific course requirements for admission?

We do not have any rigid prerequisites for admission, so there are no specific course requirements and you can still apply even if you majored in a non-biology discipline.


Would I be a good candidate for admission to your program?

The QCB admissions committee considers every aspect of each application, including letters of recommendation, GRE scores, research experience, and performance in coursework, so there is no single deciding factor in determining admission. If you feel that you are a good fit for the program, we encourage you to apply!


What type of financial support is available?

All admitted QCB students recieve full financial support for the duration of their Ph.D., including tuition, a competitive stipend, and health benefits. The support is made possible through a combination of funds from Princeton University, federal grants, grants to faculty members, and teaching funds. Students are encouraged to apply for external fellowships, such as the NSF, for which they are eligible. A list of external fellowships can be found here.

What is Biology@Princeton and why would I apply to it?

Biology@Princeton is a multi-disciplinary graduate program comprised of the four core biology Graduate Programs: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EEB), Molecular Biology (MOL), Neuroscience (NEU), and Quantitative and Computational Biology (QCB). This program is suitable for any applicant interested in one of the four core programs, and is especially appropriate for those whose interests span multiple programs. The advantage of applying through Biology@Princeton is that your application can easily be reviewed in any of the affiliated departments.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

  • For program specific questions: qcb @
  • For questions regarding the application procedure and supporting documents, please contact the graduate school at (609) 258-3034 or via email at
    gsadmit @ Their regular office hours are 8:45am-5:00pm and summer hours are 8:30-4:30pm.