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Courses and Curriculum

Ph.D. Requirements

  • Two core courses: MOL 515 and COS/MOL 551
  • QCB Evening Research Presentations (QERPs
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course (TBA)
  • Three additional courses from the lists below, including at least one each from the Quantitative and Biological courses
  • Research rotations (a minimum of two required)
  • Oral general exam
  • At least two semesters of teaching
  • Completion of thesis (progress overseen by thesis committee)
QERPs (QCB Evening Research Presentations) is a QCB research colloquium that has been developed for QCB graduate students, held on Thursday evenings during the fall and spring terms. In the fall, the colloquium will give students an opportunity to hear about the work our faculty are doing, and is intended to help students with their lab rotation decisions. Students will also get the chance to enhance their skills of orally presenting scientific material to an audience by presenting their lab rotation experiences to their peers.

For incoming students who are able to arrive on campus early, we have instituted an optional, intensive, inquiry-based introduction to advanced molecular biology technology (e.g. microarray, imaging, ultra-high-throughput sequencing, etc.) combined with a hands-on-the-keyboard introduction to computational biology methods. This course,MOL 500, is held during the month of August before students start as official graduate students in September. If interested in enrolling, send email to jbrick at in early summer.
The course of study for each student must be approved by Leonid Kruglyak, the Director of Graduate Studies in the beginning of their first year. Course substitutions are possible with the permission of the DGS.
Quantitative Courses (must take at least one)  
  • CHM 515 Biophysical Chemistry I
  • CHM/MOL 550 Contemporary Problems in Molecular Biophysics
  • EEB 519 Theoretical Ecology
  • MOL 510 Introduction to Biological Dynamics
  • MOL 536 Advanced Statistics for Biology
  • PHY 561/2 Biophysics
  • COS 511 Theoretical Machine Learning 
  • COS 557 Analysis & Visualization of Large-Scale Genomic Datasets
  • QCB/CHE 511 Modeling Tools for Cell and Developmental Biology
Biological Courses (must take at least one) 
  • EEB 504 Fundamental Concepts in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior II
  • EEB 507 Recent Research in Population Biology
  • MOL 504 Cellular Biochemistry
  • MOL 505 Molecular Biology of Prokaryotes
  • MOL 506 Molecular Biology of Eukaryotes
  • MOL 507 Developmental Biology
  • MOL 516 Genetics of Eukaryotic Organisms
  • MOL 520 Advanced Topics in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cell Biology
  • MOL 523 Molecular Basis of Cancer
  • MOL 525 Intercellular Signaling and Signal Transduction
  • MOL 528 Developmental Genetics of Invertebrate Organisms
  • MOL 545 Advanced Microbial Genetics
  • MOL 559 Viruses: Strategy & Tactics
  • CHM/QCB 541 Chemical Biology II  
Selected undergraduate courses of interest
(Note: these do not count towards course requirements)
  • APC 350 Introduction in Differential Equations
  • CHE 448 Introduction to Nonlinear Dynamics
  • COS 226 Algorithms and Data Structures
  • EEB 320 Molecular Evolutionary Genetics
  • EEB/MOL 414 Genetics of Human Populations
  • MAT 309 Probability and Stochastic Systems
  • ORF 406 Statistical Design of Experiments
  • QCB 301 Experimental Project Laboratory in Quantitative and Computational Biology