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QCB Faculty
Research Interests
Andolfatto, Peter
Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Evolution and genetics
Austin, Robert
Professor, Physics
What physics can do for biology, what biology can do for physics. Dynamics of proteins, DNA and cells
Bassler, Bonnie
Professor, Molecular Biology
Intercellular communication and quorum sensing in bacteria
Berry, Michael J.
Associate Professor, Molecular Biology
Neural computation in the retina
Bialek, William
Professor, Physics
Coding, computation and learning in the nervous system; noise and the physical limits to biological functions; statistical mechanics and information theory
Botstein, David
Professor, Molecular Biology
Genome-wide studies of gene expression through the life cycle and experimental evolution of budding yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae); quantitative analysis and intuitive display of genome-scale biological information.

Brangwynne, Cliff
Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biophysical approaches to understanding growth of RNA/protein assemblies, cells, and tissues; The intersection of Soft Matter Physics and Biology; Biologically-Inspired Materials
Brody, Carlos
Associate Professor, Molecular Biology
Quantitative and computational systems neuroscience
Callan, Curtis
Professor, Physics
Theoretical problems in genomics
Car, Roberto
Professor, Chemistry
Chemical physics and materials science; electronic structure theory and ab-initio molecular dynamics. Computer modeling and simulation of solids, liquids, disordered systems, and molecular structures. Structural phase transitions and chemical reactions
Carmona, Rene
Professor, ORFE
Statistical data analysis. Signal and image reconstructions. The mathematics of functional imaging of the brain.
Chazelle, Bernard
Professor, Computer Science
Theoretical computer science, with a particular emphasis on the theory of algorithms and data structures
Cinlar, Erhan
Professor, ORFE
All aspects of stochastic modeling and applied probability: Markov processes, particle systems with creation and annihilation, dynamic population models, and transport by stochastic flows.
Cohen, Jonathan
Professor, Psychology
Neural mechanisms underlying higher mental function
Couzin, Iain
Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Collective Animal Behavior
Dismukes, G. Charles
Professor, Chemistry
Biophysical studies of enzyme structure and mechanisms
Dobkin, David
Professor, Computer Science
Research lies between the areas of computational geometry and computer graphics
Dobson, Andrew P.
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Conservation biology and disease control; population dynamics and coevolution of parasites and their hosts; population dynamics and life-history strategies of birds, primates, and elephants
Enquist, Lynn
Professor, Molecular Biology
Fan, Jianqing
Professor, Operations Research & Financial Engineering
Biostatistics, data-analytic modeling, functional data analysis, survival analysis, and computational biology. Primary research focuses on developing and justifying statistical methods that arise from various scientific disciplines.
Finkelstein, Adam
Professor, Computer Science
Computer graphics
Floudas, Christodoulos A.
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Chemical process systems engineering at the interface of chemical engineering, applied mathematics, operations research, computer science, and molecular biology
Funkhouser, Thomas
Professor, Computer Science
Structural bioinformatics and computer graphics.
Gitai, Zemer
Associate Professor, Molecular Biology
Bacterial Cell Biology: Fundamentals of Cytoskeletal Dynamics, Polarity,and Mitosis
Gregor, Thomas
Assistant Professor, Physics
Biophysics, Quantitative approaches to systems and developmental biology
Grenfell, Bryan
Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School
Population biology and control of infectious diseases; 'phylodynamic interactions of epidemiological and evolutionary dynamics
Groves, John T.
Professor, Chemistry
The interface of organic, inorganic, and biological chemistry
Hasan, Zahid
Professor, Physics
Quantum many-body systems, macroscopic co-operative phenomena, macromolecular dynamics, protein folding, biophysics
Hecht, Michael
Professor, Chemistry
Design of de novo proteins
Hedin, Lars O.
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Ecosystem analysis, with emphasis on the emergence and maintenance broad-scale patterns in the cycling of nutrients and trace gases
Holmes, Philip
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Nonlinear dynamics and differential equations, developing qualitative and analytical methods for studying mathematical models of solid, fluid, and biological systems
Hopfield, John
Professor, Molecular Biology
Computational neurobiology/biophysics
Hughson, Fred
Professor, Molecular Biology
Structural foundations of intracellular transport and secretion
Kastner, Sabine
Professor, Psychology
Neural mechanisms for visual perception and its modulation by cognitive processes such as attention, memory and learning in the human brain
Landweber, Laura
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Molecular evolution of scrambled genes, the genetic code, RNA; RNA editing, in vitro evolution, DNA computers
Leonard, Naomi
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Feedback, control, and dynamical systems theory; Modeling and analysis of decision-making dynamics, network dynamics, and collective behavior.
Levin, Simon A.
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Dynamics of populations and communities; spatial heterogeneity and problems of scale; evolutionary ecology; theoretical and mathematical ecology; biodiversity and ecosystem processes; dynamics of disease
Li, Kai
Professor, Computer Science
Computer architecture, operating systems, parallel systems, and networking

Lieb, Jason
Professor, Molecular Biology

We study how information is encoded, maintained, and dynamically utilized in eukaryotic genomes. Topics include chromatin, transcription factor targeting, and mechanisms of regulatory protein function.
Murphy, Coleen
Associate Professor, Molecular Biology
Molecular mechanisms of aging

Murthy, Mala
Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology

 Neural codes underlying olfactory and auditory perception in Drosophila
Norman, Ken
Associate Professor, Psychology
Using biologically realistic neural network models to explore how the brain gives rise to episodic memory
Ong, Nai-Phuan
Professor, Physics
Strange-metal aspects of the cuprate superconductors, vortex lattice melting and dynamics, Josephson plasma oscillations, giant magnetoresistance in manganites, and scanning Hall probe imaging
Pacala, Stephen W.
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Population biology and community ecology of plants; theoretical and mathematical ecology; global interactions among the biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere

Petry, Sabine
Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology

Molecular architecture and function of the microtubule cytoskeleton via biophysical methods, X-ray crystallography and engineering combined with biochemical, quantitive cell biology and advanced light microscopy techniques
Rabinowitz, Joshua
Professor, Chemistry
Uses a robust means of measuring the concentrations and fluxes of numerous intracellular metabolites in parallel.
Rubenstein, Daniel
Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Decision-making in animals
Rusinkiewicz, Szymon
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Acquisition and use of 3D shape and appearance data of physical objects
Schapire, Robert
Professor, Computer Science
Machine learning; using data to make accurate predictions. Classification of learning problems in which the goal is to classify objects of some kind into a fixed set of categories.
Schupbach, Gertrud
Professor, Molecular Biology
Genetic and molecular analysis of oogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster
Semmelhack, Martin
Professor, Chemistry
Organic Synthesis and Organometallic Chemistry: Development of synthesis methodology with transition metal reagents; synthesis of unusual ring systems in natural and unnatural molecules; functional models of the enediyne toxins
Shaevitz, Joshua
Assistant Professor, Physics
Experimental research in cellular and molecular biophysics
Shvartsman, Stanislav Y.
Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Networks of intracellular proteins define the repertoire of cellular responses to environmental inputs
Singh, Jaswinder Pal
Professor, Computer Science
Boundary of applications and high-performance (parallel/distributed) systems. Includes development of effective parallel and distributed applications on many high-performance platforms, and studying the implications of these applications for the design of multiprocessor architectures, programming models and software systems.
Singh, Mona
Professor, Computer Science
Bioinformatics; Molecular networks, protein interactions and function, structural bioinformatics
Sondhi, Shivaji
Professor, Physics
Materials in which the interactions among the electrons are important, even for a qualitative understanding of their behavior.
Steiglitz, Kenneth
Professor, Computer Science
Storage of information in states of optical solitons, the transformation of these states when solitons collide, and the computational power of solitonic systems.
Stengel, Robert
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Bioinformatic and biostatistical analysis of colorectal cancer; improving the efficiency, performance, and safety of air transportation in the United States by identifying promising targets for development, by conducting associated long-term research, and by educating technological leaders.
Stock, Jeffry
Professor, Molecular Biology
Membrane receptors and signal transduction
Storey, John
Professor,Molecular Biology
Statistics, analysis of high-dimensional data, genetics, genomics
Tank, David
Professor, Mol. Biology/Physics
Measurement and analysis of neural circuit dynamics

Tarnita, Corina
Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Evolutionary game theory; evolution of multicellularity; dynamics of populations; spatial heterogeneity and spatial patterning; multispecies interactions and evolutionary ecology; theoretical and mathematical ecology.
Troyanskaya, Olga
Associate Professor, Computer Science
Computational methods with an experimental component to develop comprehensive descriptions of genetic systems of cellular controls, including those whose malfunctioning becomes the basis of genetic disorders or others whose failure might produce developmental defects in model systems.
Wang, Samuel S.H.
Associate Professor, Molecular Biology
Dynamics and learning in neural circuits
Ward, Bess B.
Professor, Geology
Marine and global nitrogen cycle, molecular and immunological probes for marine bacteria and bacterial processes (especially nitrification and denitrification), microbial ecology, xenobiotic transformations by bacterial communities
Wieschaus, Eric
Professor, Molecular Biology
Patterning in the early Drosophila embryo
Wingreen, Ned
Professor, Molecular Biology
Intracellular networks in bacteria
Yang, Haw
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Single-Molecule Protein Dynamics