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Research Interests

Andolfatto, Peter
Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/LSI
Computational and experimental genomic methodologies to quantify the extent and mode of natural selection in the genome; elucidating the genetic basis of specific adaptations

Austin, Robert

Professor, Physics

Use of microarrays and nanotechnology to further physical understanding of biological processes, such as the dynamics of DNA and DNA-protein interactions.  In the process of developing novel techniques to quickly resolve DNA of different lengths and cells of different size in microchannels

Ayroles, Julien
Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology/LSI

Genotypic variation in co-regulated networks and how it gives ride to phenotypic variation

Bassler, Bonnie

Professor, Molecular Biology

Molecular mechanisms that bacteria use for intercellular communication; understanding how bacteria detect multiple environmental cues, and how the integration and processing of this information results in the precise regulation of gene expression

Bialek, William

Professor, Physics/LSI

Coding, computation and learning in the nervous system; noise and the physical limits to biological functions; statistical mechanics and information theory

Brangwynne, Cliff

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Physical properties and principles of tissue patterning in early development

Brynildsen, Mark

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Computational and experimental techniques in systems biology, synthetic biology, and metabolic engineering to understand and combat infectious disease

Callan, Curtis

Professor, Physics

Theoretical problems in cellular biology; theoretical biophysics of prokaryotic gene regulation; modeling the human immune system

Couzin, Iain

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Understanding adaptive collective phenomena in animal groups using a combined experimental and computational approach

Cristea, Ileana

Associate Professor, Molecular Biology

Proteomic-Genomic approaches to chromatin and its modulation by viruses

Donia, Mohamed

Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology

Interrogation of complex microbiomes using metagenomics, metabolomics, and meta-transcriptomics

Engelhardt, Barbara

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Statistical models and methods for high-dimensional biological data to better understand complex phenotypes and human disease

Enquist, Lynn

Professor, Molecular Biology

Viral Genomics; understanding how viruses invade and cause disease in the nervous system as well as developing viruses as tools to study the vertebrate nervous system

Fan, Jianqing

Professor, Operations Research & Financial Engineering

Statistical methods in financial econometrics and risk managements, computational biology, biostatistics, high-dimensional statistical learning, data-analytic modeling, longitudinal and functional data analysis, nonlinear time series, wavelets and their applications

Fiedler, Dorothea

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Interdisciplinary approaches to understanding signal transduction, small molecule second messenger

Gitai, Zemer

Associate Professor, Molecular Biology

Bacterial cell biology: fundamentals of cytoskeletal dynamics, polarity, and mitosis

Gregor, Thomas

Assistant Professor, Physics/LSI

Understanding the biophysical principles underlying pattern formation and collective behaviors in multicellular systems

Hughson, Fred

Professor, Molecular Biology

Using biochemical and biophysical methods, particularly X-ray crystallography, to ask mechanistic questions about protein function

Landweber, Laura

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Molecular evolution of genes, genomes and the genetic code

Levin, Simon A.

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Understanding how macroscopic patterns and processes are maintained at the level of ecosystems and the biosphere, in terms of ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that operate primarily at the level of organisms

Levine, Michael
Director of the Lewis Sigler Institute, Professor of Molecular Biology

Transcriptional control mechanisms in Drosophila and other model organisms.

Liu, Han

Assistant Professor, Operations Research & Financial Engineering

Developing statistical and machine learning approaches and applying them to complex scientific datasets, including analysis of brain image data and genomic networks.

Muir, Tom

Professor, Chemistry

The physiochemical basis of protein function in complex systems; molecular recognition in prokaryotic and eukaryotic signaling processes.

Murphy, Coleen

Associate Professor, Molecular Biology/LSI

Genomics approaches toward understanding the mechanisms of aging

Nelson, Celeste

Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Understanding how the cell integrates complex biological signals dynamically and spatially within tissues to direct organ development

Petry, Sabine

Assistant Professor, Molecular Biology

Understanding how cells acquire their shape, position organelles, move materials, and segregate chromosomes during cell division using biophysical, biochemical, and cell biological techniques

Rabinowitz, Joshua

Professor, Chemistry/LSI

Holistic measurement of cellular metabolism by mass spectrometry

Schupbach, Gertrud

Professor, Molecular Biology

Genetic and molecular analysis of oogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster

Seyedsayamdost, Mohammad

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Discovery of new small molecules and biosynthetic pathways involved in microbial symbiotic interactions; elucidation of enzyme-catalyzed reaction mechanisms.

Shaevitz, Joshua

Director of Graduate Studies,
Associate Professor, Physics/LSI

Role that mechanical forces plays in biology, how cytoskeletal filaments are used to define cell shape and motility in bacteria

Shvartsman, Stanislav

Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering/LSI

Quantitative analysis of development

Singh, Mona

Professor, Computer Science/LSI

Computational molecular biology, as well as its interface with machine learning and algorithms.  Developing computational methods for deciphering genomic data at the level of proteins, especially algorithms for genome-level analysis of protein structure, function and interactions

Storey, John

Professor,Molecular Biology/LSI

Development and application of quantitative methods in genomics, particularly focused on functional genomics problems involving high-dimensional data sets. We also develop computationally intensive statistical theory and methods

Tarnita, Corina

Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Dynamics of complex interactions and emergent phenomena in biological systems

Troyanskaya, Olga

Professor, Computer Science/LSI

Combining computational methods with an experimental component in a unified effort to develop comprehensive descriptions of genetic systems of cellular controls, including those whose malfunctioning becomes the basis of genetic disorders, such as cancer, and others whose failure might produce developmental defects in model systems.

Wieschaus, Eric

Professor, Molecular Biology/LSI

Embryonic development of Drosophila

Wingreen, Ned

Professor, Molecular Biology/LSI

Biological modeling; intracellular networks; molecular biophysics

Yang, Haw

Associate Professor, Chemistry

Reaction dynamics in complex systems

LSI = Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics